Why I’m Moving West

First of all, I’m taking the advice of Horace Greeley: “Go west, young man.”

There’s a lot going on in this country – things I’ve discussed in depth on this blog – and I’m finally putting my money (and my life) where my mouth is.

If Obama is re-elected, he will continue his transformation of the country and, while I’m not sure where we could wind up, I do know that we will be worse for the wear.  If Romney is elected, do you think the Occupiers and other leftists are going to say, Awe shucks, guys; let’s just go home?  I will make the prediction that if Romney is elected, they will descend on D.C. and cause all the problems they did from New York to Oakland.  Furthermore, while I hope that Romney will be effective at un-emcumbering our economy; I still have my doubts that he will be effective over the long term in being able to stop our nation’s moral decay and overall decline.  My biggest fear is that the only thing that will “change” is who the checks are made out to. For the record, right now I do believe Obama will be re-elected.*

These are risks we will face this year. These do not include the current mounting deficits, debts, unfunded liabilities, counter party risk, and the collapsing global economy.  The Fed will likely raise interest rates in 2013 or 2014, which will increase the government’s borrowing costs.  We’ll have a trillion dollar deficits for at least a decade.  Even Ron Paul’s plan would only balance the budget in three years.  That means an additional three trillion dollars in debt, pushing us dangerously close to $20T.  Even then, cutting over a trillion dollars of spending over three years is going to vastly affect social programs and many Americans will not stand for it.

I believe Dr. Thomas Sowell succinctly sums it up here: “In politics, few talents are as richly rewarded as the ability to convince parasites that they are victims. Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic have discovered that largesse to losers does not reduce their hostility to society, but only increases it. Far from producing gratitude, generosity is seen as an admission of guilt, and the reparations as inadequate compensation for injustices – leading to worsening behavior by the recipients.”

If Romney is elected, I believe Gerald Celente will be right when he says that more civil unrest and riots are coming to America.  If we take action now, we either risk austerity (depression) or we risk severe inflation.  The Fed is taking action now and risking severe inflation through printing money.  When borrowing costs increase, we’ll borrow less and make up the difference in printing money; else, we will bear the additional burden of servicing all that debt at higher rates.  Printing new money is the only way out and it will destroy paper wealth across the nation, but will inflict worse damage on the lower class of Americans who will paying a higher percentage of their incomes for necessities. We won’t pay off $16T through taxes or borrowing because you don’t pay that debt off with money you have.  You’ll pay it off with money you can print, and that’s why life over the next 20 years is going to be much different than the last 20.

When the slowly building tsunami arrives, I’ll be living in one of the safest places in all of America.  I firmly believe that the best way to resolve these crises is to remove yourself from it.  I’m going to remove myself from the system and let it melt away.  I’m taking my money, my personal property, and getting off the East Coast; away from the cities, away from the slumbering masses who either currently or in the future will feel entitled to what I own.

* Now let me make one thing clear.  Fear is a great motivator but a horrible master.  I’ve tried to remove all confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance by separating and building both cases cumulatively.  After a level-headed approach, I’ve come to one conclusion: get out now.  If I’m wrong, I will have wasted a couple years of my life and nothing bad will have happened as a result.

But if I’m right, then I will be glad to have made this decision now.  I would rather be ten years early than one second too late.

I won’t belabor the point any more, but I’d like to leave you with this hilarious video…



  1. cb giornesto says:

    excellent video. no wonder our nation is so screwed up. ignorance, arrogance, and self entitlement have consumed a large portion of the population. no paved roads, and abominable snow men in montana. thats funny.

  2. John says:

    Having lived in the west my entire life (Colorado, Montana, Idaho), rule number one is to locate as near to water as possible, short of being flooded on any sort of basis. Rain is an infrequent commodity and snow run-off isn’t. Avoid the Sagebrush Country if possible; it may have it’s own raw beauty, but it’s Sagebrush for a reason – it’s either desert or damn near desert. Also, for some damn reason it’s full of ticks and rattlesnakes.

    Part of that video is somewhat accurate depending on where you decide to hole up. We do put up 10-15 cords of firewood every year. So what? We don’t have or need a gym membership either. If you fail to put up the wood (either cut or buy) you will/may well die because once the forests are snowed in you aren’t getting any wood. Plan months ahead if not years. Learn to stock up/grow/can food because the inevitable failure of “just in time” is failure, total epic failure. Better in the good parts of the west than any city though unless you are into cannibalism.

    Contrary to that office gal in the video, there aren’t any Abominable Snowmen; just Bigfoot, Grizzlies, Black Bears, Mountain Lions and Wolves. So what? We have liberal gun laws instead of politically viable liberals. As a result you can own about any darn gun(as) you want, thus any problems with any of the above can be dispatched with but rare exceptions exceptions.

    “Distance from population centers is your friend” when whatever happens happens. Therefore,outside of a now ruined Colorado and certainly Utah’s Wasatch Front,is the West.

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