The American Redoubt

I’m finally getting settled in here at the American Redoubt.  My move here came about as the result of several trends; the largest of which is the unceasing onslaught by our nation’s leaders against traditional values and the Constitution .  I firmly believe that the American Redoubt can be the region where we defend those virtues that made our nation great.  (“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  Psalm 33:12)

For the uninitiated, the American Redoubt is a term first coined by James Wesley Rawles of survivalblog.com.  (He was kind enough to link a previous post of mine on his website.)  You can read more about his idea here: American Redoubt

Experience teaches us that it is much easier to prevent an enemy from posting themselves than it is to dislodge them after they have got possession. George Washington

Here’s why I think the American Redoubt is so important: this is the place where liberty-inspired Americans can restore the republic.  If you live in “occupied” America where socialist mantras are gaining steam then vote with your feet.

If you believe that Obama and his socialist pals want to take unconstitutional and illegal control of all governance, then get to a place you can defend through the ballot box before you have to defend it by any other means.  That’s the American Redoubt.



  1. Fred says:

    My wife, son and I moved here this summer. The thing is we fit in. You have to be aware however that a lot of liberals also are leaving the sespools they’ve created and moving to freer climates. The problem is they have not learned their lessons and bring their $#i7 right along with them. If you live in the Redoubt hurry as fast as you can to get your local lawmakers to pass legislation insuring your freedom. If you don’t you may find yourself outnumbered.

    • Partisan says:

      Congratulations on the move, Fred. Isn’t it odd that liberals, conservatives, and libertarians are moving from statist dystopias in search of freedom in the American Redoubt? You’re absolutely right; conservatives and libertarians moving West must engage their states in support of level-headed and liberty-committed government. The American Redoubt, to borrow a term from Montana, is the last best place.

  2. A. Nonymus says:

    What pray tell happens to those who through no fault of their own can’t afford to leave? I suppose they have to fend for themselves?

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      I’ve talked about a Patriot Air Lift before. I don’t know. Come up with some indentured servant or relocation financing mechanism. I don’t know what to tell them. My first responsibility is my family’s safety. If I can’t make that happen where I currently am, then I have one other choice. For those who can’t afford to leave, what real choice do you have? You can’t leave, you can’t stay; history is rife with examples of fallen civilizations and the atrocities that lay waste to innocent people. They have a real problem, and should invest some time into developing a real solution. If I help someone else at the expense of a wife or children, then what kind of provider am I? That’s harsh, and not what those people want to hear, but there will be no bailout for all of them. I’d love to help where I can. I’d love to be able to provide jobs in the Redoubt. My guess is that we’ll be able to at some point in the future, and sponsor hard working people with valuable skills to join us here.

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