Third Party Candidates & Why I Want Obama To Win

In 1992, Ross Perot waged a hugely successful third party presidential campaign, coming in with almost 19% of the national vote (nearly 20MM votes).  I sometimes wonder, why can’t we do the same thing with Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson?

Gary Johnson recently polled at 4% among likely registered voters.  In 1992, many people were drawn to Ross Perot’s candidacy because of the budget deficit (under H.W. Bush; yet another Republican with a budget deficit problem).  It’s been 20 years, we’re facing the same issues (but worse), and we have a candidate who’s serious about our country’s major fiscal problem.

(As an aside, I watched this clip of Gary Johnson last night.  Notice the foot danging in the background.  For real, Gary?)

So here’s the plan; and we could go one of two ways.

Option One: Swing States & the Johnson/Romney Conundrum

If we want to hoist a third party candidate above 5% in the general election – and by the way, this effectively isn’t a national election because the outcome will be decided by a small handful of states (below) – then we have to forgo the fear of re-electing Obama, or almost as scary, electing Romney.  Here are this year’s “swing states”.

If you don’t live in a swing state, vote your conscience.  My state of Wyoming (Land of the Free) is going to go 80% for Romney, so a vote for Gary Johnson will do nothing to the state’s electoral college votes but I still put another vote on the Libertarian ticket.  I would suggest that instead of writing in Ron Paul, to just vote for Johnson.  He’s on the ballot, and a vote for Johnson may as well be a vote for Ron Paul.  I know some will disagree; however, I still believe the Libertarian Party is Ron Paul’s true political party.

Now if you do live in a swing state, your choice is a little more difficult.  I hate to engage in the theory of moral relativity and suggest that one votes for Mitt Romney versus Gary Johnson so I won’t.  Republican readers are probably already going to vote for Mitt Romney, whereas former Republicans and Libertarians are probably going to be much more resistant to voting for Romney.

Here’s the bottom line for those swing state voters:  they could vote for Romney to wrestle those states from Obama.  (Look, I’m not saying that’s what you should do, it’s just one option you have.)

Option Two: The Catalyst for Change

We really piss off the GOP for what they did to Ron Paul.  It was a shame.  It was a travesty.  (It was a shavesty.) I’m much more inclined to go this route: vote for Gary Johnson even if you live in a swing state.  Take away votes from Romney and let the GOP know that they’re losing constituents by running statist progressives posing as those who love liberty.  In doing this – foregoing the fear of re-electing Obama – maybe we can hoist Johnson to 15% and maybe he’ll run again in 2016 with better success.  I say we effectively take the country politically hostage and I’ll explain why.

I want Obama to win.  I do.  I seriously want Obama to re-elected. (Please keep reading.)  His re-election will force our hands to put up mass resistance to statism, at the national level, at the state level, and at the local level.  It will allow us to put the agenda up for more than just debate.  I think we have to allow the federal government to try to enforce its laws.  If we want to pave a way for real change, for real campaigns of Liberty then we need a catalyst.  Romney isn’t that catalyst.  In fact, I think a Romney victory would be detrimental for the Liberty movement.  Americans on the bubble of supporting Liberty will become complacent and we’ll be in the same position, fighting the same battles in another four or eight years; meanwhile we’ll have normalized the progressive Republican presidency.  A Romney presidency will be Obama light because Romney wants bigger government.  If you disagree, look at his record of governance.  My criticism of Romney is the same as it was of Gingrich in that they’d treat government as the enforcer of their neo-Conservatism ideology just like Obama treats the government as the enforcer of neo-liberal socialist ideology.  Just now, as I’m watching 60 Minutes on CBS, Romney admitted that he didn’t want to reduce government income tax revenue and that he supports the progressive tax scale.

Tin Foil Hats

Please put on your tin foil hats, people.  We have to ultimately push for autonomous regional government.  (If I didn’t lose you in the previous paragraph, then please keep reading.)  A growing majority of Americans will never reject socialist society and progressive governance.  Never.  If they want a socialist nanny state, then let them have one.  The rest of us need to occupy the American Redoubt, elect a Liberty-committed government, and resign from the Union.  That may be a farfetched theory now but it’s the only way to achieve the freedom our Founders intended.

The greatest gift we can pass on to the next generation is a free society.  We have a moral imperative to do this.  Now I ask you: is this best achieved by duking it out in Washington; or is it best accomplished by starting over?  It’s a fair question and I’m interested in your fair answers.  Please comment below.


  1. Jeremy Pleso says:

    As our nation gets closer and closer to the big Obama/Romney showdown, I can’t help but think how I’m going to approach the ballot box. Confess I must, both of the GuerrillAmerica options provided have crossed my mind on a daily basis. Now I’ve paid very close attention to the polling of Dr. Ron Paul throughout this entire primary. If you take his grassroots following nationwide, add the 4% of Gary Johnson into the mix, carry the one……, why wouldn’t we see Ross Perot type numbers? But that of course is if RP supporters are all on the same page, which is easier said than done. Just when you look towards RP, seeking answers on who to vote for, in typical RP fashion, he says, “Liberty is transparent within every party; I’m not in the business of telling people what to do and how to do it”. *I’m paraphrasing mind you* DAMN HIM AND HIS AMBIGUOUS ANSWERS!

    Option mutha f*ckin B! What I saw take place at various caucuses, state primaries, and the RNC, was preposterous. I am so outraged at the dirty non-democracy tactics the GOP did to silence Ron Paul and his supporters. If Maine got screwed for example, which they did. I hope each and every person felt that pain. Ladies and gentlemen, I cried hard watching the delegates reactions at the RNC when they realized that everything they worked so hard for, was completely shunned by the establishment. It’s actions like this that put a bitter taste in a voters mouth towards the Republican Party. I’m more conservative than liberal in many ways, but I’ll take satisfaction in listening to MSNBC from time-to-time, just to hear them rip the opposing party a new one. From here on out the GOP/RNC will forever be labeled a TRAITOR to freedom & liberty.

    I’m unsure if I’ll write-in Ron Paul, or vote Gary Johnson as of late. Either way, I’m strictly voting on principle in November, and will take full satisfaction in doing so. I hope each and everyone of you do the same.

  2. Partisan says:

    Jeremy, Ron Paul did tell his supporters (us) to vote our conscience. If a million people write in Ron Paul, will he get attention from the media as collecting X% of the vote as a write-in candidate? If so, then writing in Ron Paul could be worth it; it’s an option I hadn’t considered. But if he won’t garner any attention as a write-in candidate – if Ron Paul’s write-in success doesn’t capture several days’ worth of media attention – then writing in Ron Paul is a non-option; and in that case, we must do what we can for Gary Johnson.

    • Jeremy Pleso says:

      Let’s make bold predictions on how the mainstream media will more than likely cover the story of any sort of Paul/Johnson success. 1) They just won’t mention it. Or severely down play it. The spin would be on, say, lowest voter turn out EVER. 2) They go straight for the Paul jugular and in an all out blame game of how Romney lost election, and the blah blah blah “wasted votes”.

  3. Partisan says:

    Jeremy, I do believe you’re right and am glad I didn’t have to come right out and say that. I think we all Ron Paul supporters should vote for Gary Johnson.

  4. S Wirth says:

    Option II for me. Screw the Rep. party.

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