Open Source Ecology & Factor e Farm

I want to start a farm like this.

Marcin Jakubowski started Open Source Ecology and Factor e Farm in 2003 to design an open source (free) machine and equipment design bank and to prepare for resource scarcity.  Since then, they’ve come up with the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS), a collection of basic but necessary farm equipment that people can replicate using the open source designs at a low cost.  Right now, the prototyped GVCS includes the Liberator ( a compressed earth brick press), the LifeTrac (a multi-function tractor), the MicroTrac (you guessed it – a smaller version of the LifeTrac), and several others.

Factor e Farm, located in Missouri, is the place where this group of folks prototype the machinery.  For those of you who are serious about sustainable farming and commerce, you should check them out at Open Source Ecology.

Models like this could be a boon for the American Redoubt for at least two reasons.  One, these machines can be replicated at a low cost.  And two, with a similar farm infrastructure, parts for these machines can be produced and sold to anyone who uses these machines.  If many farms utilize these machines, then jobs would be created surrounding around the need for replacement parts.

As an aside, I would really like to start a farm like this.  I’m searching for land here in Wyoming and over in Idaho – possibly near the III Citadel, a cause I wholeheartedly support.

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