The Three Percent

To place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting upon a broken staff. Men just dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life, unaccustomed to the din of arms, totally unacquainted with every kind of military skill … makes them timid and ready to fly from their own shadows. – George Washington

Three Percenters

The “Three Percent” is a throwback to the American Revolution; a time where historians say that, at any time during the war, roughly three percent of colonial Americans raised arms against the British.  I’ve gone on record as stating that the federal government is punching above its constitutional weight and that we need to reign in government through the ballot box.  If the ballot box should fail – should elected politicians continue to become destructive to the ends of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness – then our recourse is the soap box followed by resistance followed by the bullet box.  This is solely in defense because we are the defenders, not aggressors.  And this is only a radical sentiment if you are a) a disproportionate beneficiary of government; b) a malefactor of government; c) a peddler of the status quo; or d) a statist progressive.

The greatest gift you can give to your children is a free society.  If I’m not passing down to the next generation a freer society than I inherited, then I’ve failed my primary responsibility as We the People.  Although I don’t make a habit of speaking for all Three Percenters, this is an inherent feeling among them.  We want to ensure the next generation is free.  We have the moral high ground.

So it’s in the spirit of the Three Percent that I’ll say this: many people who consider themselves members of the Three Percent are going to become societal and environmental casualties.  I’m not even talking about combat; I’m talking about what they’ll do before we need them.

Societal casualties

We’re unfortunately a fringe group and that disturbs me to no end.  The fewer of us there are, the heavier we’ll have to lift individually.  Even among those who agree that state-sponsored soft tyranny is daily practice, many Americans are still unwilling to call it what it is.  Our Liberty is under attack now and your children’s Liberty will be under attack tomorrow.  The state has become more powerful, converting social power into state power every year for the past 235 years; and less discerning in their application.  The 20th century was perhaps the worst for political losses for We the People and most in those generations slumped over in their intellectual graves having done little to nothing to curb the increases of unconstitutional state authority.  Still today, many like-minded Americans are unable to gear up for Liberty.

Some, I don’t know how many, Three Percenters speak more loudly – especially over the internet – than they’re willing to back up.  When and if we need them, they are going to leave us hanging.  Their talk is the Judas Kiss.  They won’t be willing to risk their lives, their fortunes, or their sacred honor for the legacy our Founders did.  The Three Percent isn’t the societal norm.  It’s not the average mindset of Americans today – obviously.  It’s the embodiment of the courage of the Founding Fathers.  As one witty saying goes, “Thomas Jefferson would be shooting already.”  But before we get to that point, if we even have to, we will be deserted by some “Three Percenters” because the road is too rough or the valley too deep.

Environmental Casualties

George Washington said that depending on the militia of the day was like depending on a broken staff.  We see a lot of militia activity today.  No doubt, the militia movement is growing more now than ever in the past several generations.  I applaud the Oathkeepers and other military veterans for committing to honor their oaths to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.  These are the people, I believe, we can count on.  We’ve counted on them before when we were all in uniform in Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, and countless other countries where we’ve experienced the threat of the enemy.

But there are those who are gearing up now, spending their money on the sharpest AR-15s, the coolest ACOG scopes and forward grips, and the most mil-spec camouflage uniforms; but spend no time learning tactics.  As they say, amateurs argue gear and professionals argue tactics.  There’s nothing wrong with getting dependable gear but if you don’t have an expert knowledge of employment, you may as well not have all that high tech gear. Those of you who spend more time on gear than learning how to use it, just remember that by purchasing all this gear, you (in reality or fantasy) are expecting to out shoot those who shoot for a living.  As I wrote above, many of you will stay in fantasy mode even when the rest of us needs you.  For the rest of you, get with a reputable training organization and keep your brothers sharp – physically, mentally, spiritually, and morally.

Still there are those who parade on Facebook and other places, shooting their mouths off – which is ordinarily fine if you don’t break the law.  The problem is that there are groups – say the government of the future – who want to end your speech.  If they see your profile or follow you on Facebook, they know your parents, your wife/girlfriend, children, siblings, etc.  In worse off countries, family members are routinely tortured or killed for the sake of silencing one individual.  Those groups or governments don’t need to know where you are, they just need to know where the soft targets are.  Will our nation ever resemble those of lesser democratic societies?  Who knows but use discretion for crying out loud.

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  1. Hunter Hoffman says:

    To many this may sound radical to me it is a call for us to use our vote first to impose what we need in and from our government. The vote is the first step and should be the only one we need. However if we don’t use it history shows the other things will happen as politicians continue to use there vote to enrich themselves.

    • Hunter,
      For me, voting is but one of the many angles we must utilize to win. It’s a big battlefield, and you cannot leave any available avenue unused.


  2. millerized says:

    Voting is just messing with a single string on the puppet. Remember, when you yank on those strings, all you will ever succeed in doing is causing the puppets arm or leg to jerk. Nothing more.

    The real control is from the guy above you both, the one manipulating the sticks, controlling ALL the strings…..and no matter how hard you pull on what you think controls the puppet, you don’t even register to those manipulators.

    Full control of that puppet is only ever caused by cutting the strings completely, or taking control of those doing the manipulation….Good luck.

    We only have one method left to us to accomplish that task…..and we’re losing both the equipment and personnel to do that every day. If these resources ever dry up, there will be no replenishment.

    • Partisan says:

      Amen, Millerized. We have but one method left, indeed. And I’m glad to support III Arms and the Citadel – see you in Idaho, brother!

  3. Sierra Dave says:

    Expect the economy to go into deep recession at the very least. Under Obama’s control.

    Romney was a fools hope. All he would have done is delayed the inevitable.

    Prepare now. Stock up on innocuous items that can be re-purposed for an asymmetrical war. IMHO, we will all be to busy scrambling for food as the supply chain comes to a grinding stop. Or fighting for what we have stocked up on.

    Knowledge is power. Have maps of the country. Of the states. Of important locations.

  4. Sierra Dave says:

    I replied.

    If it comes to a gun grab and a cessation of the Constitution. Call it what you will. Welcome to the new Feudalism.

    LEO’s will be using equipment and supplies bought by OUR American tax Dollars to keep us subjugated.

    In that hypothetical situation. They get what they deserve for trying to become modern day Sheriffs of Nottingham.

    Be well and prepare.

  5. tom k says:

    Im a vet,an Oathkeeper,that being said,I believe it will be us older americans who have raised their family already.We have seen more changes in our life time and ideals.From being required to wear a seat belt,smoke free zones ,to red light camera s and camera s on every corner in every city and town and now drones flying overhead.Now trying to disarm us.I have had enough,my children are grown and my wife wont miss me that much!!!! All I can say is come and take it!!!!

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