What We Can Learn from the Belgian Secession Movement


From Financial Times:

 Flemish nationalists made sweeping gains across northern Belgium in local elections on Sunday, a success that will bolster separatists’ hopes for a break-up of the country.

The strong result recorded by the Flemish nationalist is likely to have an impact across Europe, where the sovereign debt crisis, which has seen rich countries bail out poor ones, has revived separatist sentiment throughout the continent.

Flanders, which is the most economically prosperous region of Belgium, has long resented financing the ailing economy of French-speaking Wallonia, and Sunday’s victory will strengthen its demand for self-rule.

Restoring personal liberty and self-government begins locally.  Former Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill once said, famously, “All politics is local.”  Belgians from the northern city of Antwerp elected a mayoral candidate who made his election a referendum independence from Belgium.  If we want to reduce the size and scope of federal authority in our homes, our towns, and our states, we must elect liberty-dedicated leaders to local levels of government.  When it comes to legal, moral, and social authority, it will be much easier for a town, county, state, or region to assert its independence from abusive federal authority and restrict the laws that govern them to only Constitutional and state laws.

A sovereign debt crisis will give us the opportunity to empower the states to assert their authority.  We will have the opportunity to vote our consciences, our feet, and our bank accounts, and tell the federal government that we refuse to pay for their profligate spending.  If we’ve made smart decisions about the future of our money – if we make available to ourselves a currency of our choosing – then we can mitigate the risks of fiscal and monetary crises within our region.  Once we’ve alleviated their leverage against us – the power of the dollar – then we can be in a much better position to do what the Flanders region is doing: rejecting the status quo.

Whether you’re a proponent of the American Redoubt, Independent Republics, or some other component of regional government, I do believe we’re going to an opportunity to create the change we want to see.  In the end, the federal government will simply be tapped out of resources.

If you’re interested in achieving a more assertive state or autonomous regional government, check into Reality-Based Revolution.  In this web series, I lay out a clear cut plan to restoring personal liberty and self-government.

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  2. Reggie says:

    This sounds wonderful but being pragmatic and realiistic how do you propose to change so many people’s minds? Oh how I wish!

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