For Patriots, By Patriots: An Interview with III Arms Company CEO

The III Arms Company is a burgeoning firearms manufacturer and was founded by a small group of real American Patriots.  I recently had the opportunity to interview Jim Miller, the CEO of III Arms. Hey Jim.  Thank you for the time.  What’s your background and what made you interested in building “fighting arms”?

I’ve been around firearms all my life. My father was a coal miner but made his name as a gunsmith and fix-it guy. I got a little bit of both.  I started doing things like cleaning firearms, small stuff that Dad would let me do while he took care of the big stuff. Always had my hands on firearms. Spent many a rainy day pulling the lever on the reloading presses, sunny days sighting in hunting rifles while dad ran the shop. Progressed into just about all aspects of the finer end of ‘smithing, chambering barrel blanks, hand lapping barrels, stoning triggers, hand checkering stocks… things any kid can do at that age. (Laughs.) Learned about M16s at around 14 or so. Few ended up coming through dad’s shop, amazing looking space rifles to me at that time, always liked to pull the pieces out of them. Loved the easy in/easy out design, modular, even before modular became cool. Going in the military in the early 80’s took me away from firearms for the most part, but back into them heavily in the late 90’s once I got out. Been hands on ever since. Just something about guns… I think it’s in my DNA. Enough Hoppe’s #9 fumes do that to you! (Laughs.)

I’d have to say it’s been the right people in the right place at the right time. I met some folks at the Liberty Summit in Mercer, PA earlier this year. It was a last minute decision for all of us to attend. Thirty seconds either way, decision-wise, I don’t think we’d have met that weekend. I’d heard of them, read their writings, but finally got to meet them. We had an idea,  knew what needed to happen, but didn’t know exactly how to get there. Something clicked, that ‘Hey, we’re both supposed to be doing something to make a difference’ feeling. They know how put a point across with undeniable clarity, know people, business and marketing, I know firearms.  It just fit. Knowing that it takes more than just speeches and blogs to secure Liberty, knowing that it will eventually require the ‘tools of the trade’. It was easy to come to the conclusion that we needed the right tools: the ‘fighting arms’ that do what they’re designed to do every time you need them do it.

Why were you chosen to head up the magic at III Arms Company?

Why me?  They asked if I wanted the spot of gun boss, hand the idea over to me to run with. Who’s going to turn down a chance like that? Seriously? Finding your dream job, being able to help fellow Patriots AND building some quality tools to assist them should we ever need to march to our own Green?  Pinch me!

We’ve been blessed with the right people in the right place at the right time. We have a concept, the people just appear to make that concept a reality. We need a web guy, he shows up. We need a marketing person, they showed up. A person in the general area we’re moving to, boots on the ground, they appear!  We’ve got several firearm trained machinists just waiting for the ‘go’ signal once we’re ready for them. People in the industry wanting to help as soon as we ask them. Support from the Patriot community, we asked and they delivered. They were willing to run with the dream, and run they did.  In a few short months we went from concept to reality. Magic? Yeah, you could call it that.

III Arms is planning to move west.  Why Idaho?

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