Modern Militias and The Battle of Brooklyn

Far too often do I see blog writings and social media posts where “Patriots” and militia members espouse to be “ready” to face the stormtroopers.  Anyone who now says he’s ready to take arms against them is a fool.  Think of the enormity of what you’re saying.  This post is directed at them; please ensure widest dissemination.

The Battle of Brooklyn was the largest and first major battle the United States fought against the British.  It was also a rout for the British, forcing the Americans out of New York and into full retreat.

A few excerpts from the first chapter of Forgotten Patriots:

 By daybreak… [the British] proceeded to descend on the unsuspecting Americans from behind, cutting them down almost at will. …

[A British officer gloated,] “It was a fine sight to see with what alacrity they dispatched the rebels with their bayonets, after we had surrounded them so they could not resist.  Multitudes were drowned and suffocated in morasses – a proper punishment for all Rebels.”  One report had American riflemen spitted into trees with bayonets.

From east to west, American lines collapsed in waves of confusion and panic…

The Hessians who captured Thomas Foster, a Pennsylvania rifleman, stripped him of his clothes, then “put a cord about his neck and hanged him up to the limb of a tree, where they suffered him to remain until he was almost strangled.”  Eventually, they cut him down and revived him with a  little rum – then strung him up again, cut him down, and strung him up a third time… Hessians had murdered a number of Americans this way after they had thrown down their weapons.

Not two months after the Declaration of Independence, the Battle of Brooklyn – a label it acquired almost immediately – dealt the American cause a potentially fatal blow.  In its first head-on test against seasoned professional soldiers, the ill-trained and poorly equipped Continental Army had been routed with ease…  Never again would Washington risk an encounter on such a scale.

“To place any dependence upon militia is assuredly resting upon a broken staff. Men just dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life, unaccustomed to the din of arms, totally unacquainted with every kind of military skill … makes them timid and ready to fly from their own shadows.” – George Washington

There’s a teachable lesson here.  The next time you see or hear someone say they’re ready; remind them of this story.  Those people propose to out-shoot people who shoot for a living; the amateur shooter versus the professional soldier.  If you say you’re committed to your III brothers and let them down, then you are worse than our common enemy.  If you say you’re committed and ready to be “dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life,” then you had better be able to back it up.  Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it.

UPDATE:  I guess I didn’t really get my point across.  Here it is: if you are Liberty-committed and you aren’t training to fight, then you’re training to die, just like the militia in the Battle of Brooklyn who were dragged from the tender scenes of domestic life.  Are you training to be combat effective more than once?  The militia that General Washington spoke of probably isn’t too far off from much of the militia and III% movement right now.  I don’t care how well you shoot on the range.  Put on gear and go for a ruck march or ruck run.  Do a hundred meter sprint and then fire your rifle.  There’s a huge difference.  That’s all.


  1. Michael says:

    So what are you saying….give up our struggle against tyranny? No one wants a “shooting war’, but by God we’ll give em one if they don’t back down. George Washington called on the people and their “liberty’s teeth” to resist…and our forefathers did…and they weren’t professional soldiers…they had to step up and learn to fight. We won, didn’t we? One point, which you could’ve made better, is that the militia, which is the common man, needs to TRAIN!, and I assume that’s your point…trying to wake people up to do more than talk. God save and bless our Constitution and Country.

    • Partisan says:

      Hey Michael. Thank you for reading. “No one wants a “shooting war’, but by God we’ll give em one if they don’t back down.” That’s exactly what I’m saying. All of what you say is very true – they did have to step up and learn to fight. How many in the Patriot movement, combat veterans excluded, actually know how to maneuver as a small element? The American Revolutionaries did win but there wasn’t such a gap in the levels of technology between the two. Today, the opposite is true. We do need to train; if not for tyranny than for self-defense from criminals. The implied point is that many who talk a big game on Facebook are probably the most likely to fail their brothers.

  2. Sheepdog says:

    @ Michael and Partisan
    ” how to maneuver as a small element? ”

    I would guess that the answer would be tenths of a %. And that is the frustration of the battle ready populace. They say that 3% are preparing. More than that are awake, surely… maybe double that?
    So, 6% awake, 3% preparing, 1.5% train for combat, and half of them will be combat effective (.75%). That would be about 2.25 million combat effective men at arms. Add to that veterans, cops or otherwise trained guns who are not part of that equation…. That is a significant force to repel invaders foreign and domestic; albeit not centralized and irregular.
    Additionally, we have foreknowledge of what may come, the record of history as a teacher and we have the old tactic of not playing fair (employed in the late 18th Century and popularized by Red Dawn).
    And, yes, technology is out of balance, but the limitations of such technology is known and limitations thereof are significant. Also, the automation of said devices is lacking and there simply aren’t enough bad guys to match our indigenous fighting population.
    So, my hopes are up. Also, we are 5% of the entire world having 50% of the guns… Our numbers would double and triple if the need was imminent.
    These minority battle ready would become the Captains and Sergeants of the untrained eager. Give us a month, they would “eat their own guts and ask for seconds”.
    Keep the faith, all.

    • AZViking says:

      I wouldn’t count on many cops helping out in any situation (granted a few will). The police are the first line of defense of the Tyrannical Government we live under. Just search google or youtube for police brutality, or police vs open carry, or many other terms and you will see bullying, law breaking, lying and outright assault. I am sure there are a few good liberty minded cops out there, but few is the important word there.

  3. Bret says:

    The premise of your article is that we, the poor, unwashed masses, should not resist cause the vastly superior people, who shoot for a living will overwhelm us. Did I summarize this right? First off it is common knowledge, proven by stats. that cops hit the target less than 10 percent of the time, civilians hit the target about 30 percent. and in the cop stats, added in that figure is hitting the wrong target. I have been a firearms instructor for 14 years in 3 states. Every professional instructor that I have talked to, and I have spoken to many on this, will tell you, in every police academy, the military guys are the worst shooters. Even special forces guys don’t shoot that well overall. There are exceptions like scout snipers and certain individuals. But if you are using shooting skills to say we don’t match up with THEM, you need to get out to the range more and watch.

    • Partisan says:

      Brett – that’s not my premise at all. I don’t care how well someone shoots on the range. Strap even 10 pounds of gear and ammo, let them sprint 100 meters, get prone, and let’s see how they shoot. My point isn’t that they’re incapable of learning to be combat effective, it’s that they need to train under combat conditions – they need to train, in general. Train how you fight. Going to the range once a month isn’t training how you fight. Playing Call of Duty and watching shooting videos on YouTube isn’t training.

      “Even special forces guys don’t shoot that well overall.” I know a group of folks who would like to challenge that statement.

      • Bret says:

        You have valid points about realistic training but as the historical record shows, such as in the instance of Finnish sniper Simo Haha, good marksmanship got rid of upwards 800 Russians. You simply cant runaway from superior marksmanship. And our military has been training equipment familiarization instead of marskmanship for years.

        • Partisan says:

          That’s the historical record. If the Soviets had UAVs equipped with FLIR and IR, he’d have been alive for about twenty minutes. If you want an historical record, look at Afghanistan and how the Taliban and other assorted ACM fight and die 100:1 against a vastly superior US military. There are so many other factors at play here! You won’t have an endless supply of ammunition; you won’t have all the fancy life-extending, force multiplying gear they have; and you may well not even have a place to rest your head at night! Get out of the 80s force on force paradigm already!

          • Bret says:

            It is funny how we have flir , drones and all of the toys and the taliban die 100:1 and yet THEY own the country, NOT US. You might also look at how our logistical superiority did in Somalia. We use million dollar sat phones, they burn a tire. We send in the worlds’ finest special forces and they get killed by illiterate skinnys in technicals, who kill them quite effectively. Vietnam is a lesson as well. The vietcong still own the country. You think cause we kill them 100;1 that is winning. Then they own the country and we leave. I and many others don’t call that winning.

          • Partisan says:

            Stop making arguments that aren’t there. I’m not making the argument that Afghanistan is a success; only that we have been very effective in killing them. Sir, what’s your point?

          • Bret says:

            my point is simple. You come from the military trained cocky we are better than any civilian, attitude. Yet the civilians in every conflict I’d listed had large casualties, but in the end kicked our technologically superior assess. The only thing we have to overcome is lack of will to fight. If we develop the mindset of an Afghan hill man, I promise you me and my cajun bretheren have been hunting and killing for years. We are good at it. And we hit what we decide to kill. We can and will step up and meet the challenge if THEY are stupid enough to bring it. And , yes, they are that stupid.

          • Partisan says:

            Well, Amen to that, brother! III%

          • Tim Field says:

            Dear Partisan (that is what Finns called the freaking Soviets dropped to Finland for sabotage),

            I feel the need to remind you that Lt. Simo Häyhä (voiku ne oppisivat kirjoittamaan nimet oikein) was chased by a whole Soviet artillery battalion, in addition to sniper squads, before they got him. That is a historical record. One man against hundreds.

            There were plenty of others as good as Lt. Häyhä, but Finns tend to keep war stories to themselves.

            As to you premise: You´re absolutely correct. People need to train realistically.

            Nice blog.

          • Partisan says:

            Tim, thank you for reading and thank you for that information. I’ll research his story. In the case of Finnish resistance, we all need to be LT Simo Häyhä. As for my nom de guerre, it bears no ideological resemblance to Soviet-backed resistance movements; but to an uncompromising partisanship for Liberty.

          • Tim says:

            Dear Partisan,

            I did not have any intention to insult you and your nom de guerre. I merely stated a fact and forgot to add a smiley face :) I do apologize.

            If you’re are interested in learning more about the Finnish guerrilla war (Finnish infantry is still trained for “Sissisota;” i.e. guerrilla war, because the only enemy is in the east and huge. As a dual citizen, I did a stint with the Coastal Rangers in Finland) I’d look up Lt. Lauri Törni – Larry Thorne (KIA as a Major, U.S. Green Berets) who was practically running the guerrilla war against the Soviets. Some people think (and all Finns swear on that) that John Wayne´s character in the Green Berets was based on him :)

            Again, thank you for your great blog. Let´s all stay united.

            Stay safe,


          • Partisan says:

            Hey Tim – No worries; I wasn’t offended.

            It’s times like these that we (or just I) forget how truly big the world is and that a few standout foreign military leaders have already climbed the mountains we continually climb. I’ll look into LT Thorne as well. It’s a shame how many in the SOF community that we, as a nation, lose. The cream of the crop, to say the least. :( The good die young, and it seems like all the real bastards wind up in Congress.

            Thank you, again, Tim!

        • DAN III says:

          I had been ruck marching for a couple years. I was using a 50# ruck and walking 2 miles, in broken-in combat boots. My 50# ruck was my way of considering the weight of a weapon and assorted gear. Anyhow, a couple weeks ago I was half-mile from finish that day’s ruck. My right foot started hurting. Ended up with an injury due to heavy weight and no arch supports.

          Yep….right now I can’t do 20 yards let alone 2 miles with rifle and equipment. Foot is still swollen but getting better. I figure I’ll be down for another 2 weeks.

          You are most correct about rucking and shooting or even just rucking. If only I’d been smart enough to wear arch supports.

  4. Bret says:

    And I’m out of the 80’s force paradigm. I see how the Afghans , that we kill 100:1, are killing our people quite effectively and control all but the bases we hide in. I’m well out of the 80’s and into now. they seem to kill us with WW1 rifles and road side bombs quite effectively and we still have that flir and drones and everything else.

    • Partisan says:

      All I said is that the movement has to overcome some pretty serious technological advantages to stay alive. What’s your point?

  5. Sheepdog says:

    Must I say it? We are brethren. Let us not squander our beloved alliance.
    Actually the banter is quite good. I would be proud to serve in the irregular force under either of you fine men.
    Of course, I might prefer the warmth of the swamps to a northern climate.
    This is the stuff real men can argue about! Carry on, John Adams would have been proud. It us like the banging out of the finger points of our Declaration.
    I recon, in the end, that I hope they think I am ill prepared. They will be less careful about the noise of their footfall.

    • Bret says:

      I have a great many friends who are in the military with whom I will serve with pride to defend this country from enemies foreign and domestic. We will fight together to defend our constitution against whomever is stupid enough to step over that line. I see a force much like Andrew Jackson had in New Orleans. He has his forces, native cajuns and Jean Lafitte’s pirates. And , by god, they kicked some British ass.

      • T. Baggins says:

        The line has already been crossed hasn’t it?

        Patriot Act = holy shit Batman. Just read the damn thing. Habeus Corpus suspended in violation of Article 1, Section 9.

        TSA/NDAA/DHS = sick number of violations of the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.

        Any sort of gun control, Assault Weapon Bans, et. al. = violation of the 2nd Amendment (imo).

        16th amendment (Income tax) = violation of Article 1. Section 9 (even though the 16th says it clarifys the definition of Congressional power to levee a tax, it’s a bullshit self-justification. 16th was not roperly ratified in any event and should be considered null and void.)

        Supreme Court rulings on Obamacare are all clear instances of creative interpretation of the Constitution.

        Legislation and waging undeclared wars via Executive Order.

        Abrogation of control of monies in the Treasury to the Federal Reserve = violation of Article 1, Section 8.

        Our standing army = violation of Article 1, Section 8.

        I could go on. We’ve been under attack from within for a long time.

        • Partisan says:

          T – I absolutely agree. The acts Congress is pumping out are truly terrifying.

          In the 1990s, we saw the assault weapon ban and no one did a thing. That’s clearly a crossed line – our line in the sand – and was more overt and transparent than the PATRIOT Act and NDAA. And yet nothing happened…

          Why is that?

  6. Bret says:

    sheep dog, you get bored, come down and join us in the swamp. We will make Andy Jackson proud. and we eat well at that. Gumbo is great when in the woods.

  7. dyers eve says:

    These are the reasons for Guerrilla tactics. Small mobile triad groups that hit and run, pilfer from enemy dead, hit rear areas and demoralize the enemy. Demoralization will lead to desperation, and when that happens they will make fatal mistakes that cost large amounts of KIA for their side. They always operate in predictable patterns. Then their technology gets used against them.
    Just include my name on partisan rock!

  8. rolf says:

    well,just dont forget…crew served weapons, air power, armor, drones…can really ruin your day!

  9. JLH says:

    Retired Marine, here. dyers eve is correct. Hit their rear and their patrols. Wreck their supply trains and logistics. Make the average troop fear to step into the bush to use the john. Make the sergeants afraid to take a squad out on patrol without massive backup. Make the lieutenants afraid they’ll lose the whole platoon every time they step outside the wire. And when they do come out, be somewhere else than where they first saw you. With a good bead on ’em. For that, I’d far rather have a handful of untrained cajuns, or redneck hunters who are fighting in their own back yard, than a proper rifle battalion with all the goodies. Every time.

    As for the “star wars” gadgets, one fails to be impressed. Get those toys out in the field for a length of time, and you’ll find out just how prone the gear is to failure. Especially when that side is terrified to come off alert long enough to conduct maintenance on it.

    Crewed weapons don’t work so good if the crew is afraid to come out of the bunker long enough to man it. Armor is useless without gas and spare parts. Aircraft have to land eventually, and are utterly helpless while on the ground.

    The redneck who can hit the poor sap with the parts and gas from halfway across the county, figuratively speaking; and the cajun who can shoot holes in the fuel truck then disappear back into the swamp without being seen are perfect for this kind of action. I’d take either bunch in a heartbeat if I could get any.

  10. William says:

    Greetings, and God bless.

    Thank you for your willingness to stand up and be seen. May I humbly recommend this book to one and all?

    “The Sling and the Stone”, by Colonel Thomas X Hammes, USMC

    Subject matter: 4GW



    • Partisan says:

      Hey William – I’ve never heard of this book before but I look forward to reading it. Thank you for reading and, as always, if you have any other comments I’d love to hear them!

  11. Veritas says:

    A fool fights the way an enemy ewants him to and has prepared for. History is replete with ill equipped and trained forces crushing their enemies. The Boer War demonstrated that the entire might of the British empire could contain the Boers, forcing the British to put Boer women and children into concentration camps to strave them-and thus force a surrender.

    But the Boers couldn’t be stopped short of this. The Yankees never controlled Missouri completely and had to retain over 50,000 troops there to contain a pitiful bunch of rebels. Mosby was never contained.

    It is foolish to stand toe to toe with a superior force, but a policy of pre emptive surrender is worse than stupid.


    • Partisan says:

      Agreed… except for You Only Die Once. The Patriot movement has died many times a small death, as have we all.

      We died each time we didn’t speak to a woman when we should have; each time we’ve allowed our anger to get the better of us and then said or did something we regret; and each time we allow the Constitution to buckle under the weight of the federal behemoth.

      We’ll continue die each of these times, little by little until we decide we’ll die no more.

      As for not conforming to the enemy’s expectations; I’m all with you. That’s the purpose of this blog. Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll continue to contribute your thoughts.

  12. Here’s a warrior’s perspective and I’ll keep this sweet and simple. I’m a OIF veteran, a grunt to be exact. I was there in 03 and then 05, served with the 3ID. We saw heavy fighting both times. We were engaged with hostile forces close and afar also. We took hits and we gave hits back. There were alot of guys who served in OIF and OEF. There are more professionally trained men today who are not involved with the military anymore but are civilian patriot’s who I think give much upper-hand to the future in this country where we are fighting in the cities and on the country roads. There are more of us today than there were back then which is good for us. We maybe out-gunned as far as the brown shirts having tanks, drones, missiles, auto M4’s and M16’s and so on, but everything has a price to pay for and everything has to use diesel and fuel to move around alot. Guerrilla warfare tactics are best to be used by fighting forces on the patriot’s side and maybe not all the time either, but alot of future successes in battles will depend on whether or not enough men utilize these sources of fighting to win. There is no “winning” in war as far as I’m concerned but there is a small hint of victory for us to gain. No doubt though, I do not personally underestimate the fed’s and the NG troops and any other loyalist’s who dare fight their own countrymen. I do however believe in the spirit of patriotism and the fighting will power from us men who want to be free and to protect our nation for the future unborn generation’s of American’s. Many will be led by vet’s who have been to war and I think that idea scares the crap out of politicians today who keep pushing tyranny onto us. That is why I think they’re trying to disarm us and are actually doing it with some.

    • Partisan says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. From one OIF and OEF vet to another, thank you for you service. There are many of us and I would say that’s probably our greatest advantage. Our first task at hand is to train and pass along the institutional knowledge that we’ve gained from a decade of war. I’m going to email you and let’s discuss this further.

  13. DVC Prepper says:

    I wish more would wake up from their fantasy dreams of marching against the mil. A 3% revolt can only be that of light guerrilla tactics. I’m 47 and have been prepping for 3 years now.

    I’ve just recently come to my senses about how important PT is and departed from the rest of my fat square range commandos by putting on my “battle pack” and hiking 3 miles a day.

    The distance will increase as will the weight, but the point is… DO SOMETHING NOW or you will be worthless when you are most needed to defend yourself, your family, and you country.

    If you are not doing daily PT, you need to start now. Ease into it, but DO IT!

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      DVC, thank you for reading and sharing. Three miles a day with your combat load is more than most do at half your age. Keep the faith, brother!

  14. DAN III says:

    Mr. DVC….please consider arch supports in your boots. I’m somewhat older than you and have been deadlined for almost 4 months, from rucking 3 miles with 50#’s and no arch supports. Tendons in right foot crapped out trying to keep arch from collapsing. Please consider the supports. Your efforts will be for naught if you have a foot injury.

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