Reflections on Post-Election America And What’s Next

I’ve spent the past several days driving across the country from Fort Partisan, Wyoming to Occupied America on the East Coast.  I’ve had a lot of time to think about the consequences and fallout from our country’s apparent decision to move left.

I woke up on Tuesday, voted, hit the road, and then listened to intermittent FM radio updates covering the election results.  I pulled over at a truck stop to fill up with gas and saw it on the teevee: “CNN Calls Re-Election for Obama”.  Surely CNN must have erred, I thought.  A friend called me a few minutes later to ask my opinion and talk about what else is left to do.  I was still in shock and didn’t have a concrete answer for him, other than that life goes on and we just have to do the best we can with what we have.  (As an aside, Romney took 22 of 23 counties in Wyoming; representing about 69% of the vote.  Our State House is 83% Republican and our State Senate is 87% Republican.  I think this makes us one of the most Republican, if not the flat most Conservative/Republican states, in the Union.)

I caught a series of NPR stations as I drove across the bread basket of America and I could just hear the glee in their voices as they regaled in their victory.  (By the way, I think Nebraska seems to have more Christian radio stations that they do all others combined.  Just an observation.  Also, Missouri and West Virginia both have a lot of “gentleman’s clubs”.  I cannot offer a report on the talent.)  I finally turned off the news coverage and listened to August Burns Red.

In light of 034M4’s re-election, here are my thoughts.

The 034M4 Administration is going to be ruthless.

They have no idea if the next eight years after his administration will be Republican, so you can rest assured that they will press the full extent of their agenda and ensure that his administration will be forever viewed as the elected leftist revolution.  For proof, let’s look at what we presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett recently said.

After we win this election, it’s our turn.  Payback time.  Everyone not with us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they deserve. There is going to be hell to pay.  Congress won’t be a problem for us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two judges ready to go.

Here’s what I expect.  Obama, his advisers, or whomever are going to come knocking on House Republicans’ doors and give them “an offer they can’t refuse”. You play ball and go along to get along or we’re going to specifically target your re-election campaigns.  We’ll throw the kitchen sink at your districts and put you in the history books.  We’ll lie, we’ll cheat but most importantly, you’ll be gone.  Boehner’s tears can’t save him now.  I’m afraid that the Democrats now have the upper hand on the electorate.

Demographics are changing.

I don’t want to be alarmist and tell you that we’ll never have a Republican president again.  I think we may not see another conservative president.   The Democrat platform has been extremely successful in dragging down the Republicans and forcing them to promise less than Democrats – but still promise entitlements nonetheless.  The Democrats are finally winning the fight in convincing the electorate that the federal government is the rightful holder and distributor of wealth and the Republicans – especially the establishment – are all to happy to out-promise the FSP.

We’ve heard a lot from pundits about “demographic changes” and they’re probably right.  Blacks and Latinos are composing a growing percentage of the population and both vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  The White demographic is shrinking.  This is only a problem if the Republicans continue to fail at courting and gaining the minority vote.

The past election was a referendum on the role of government.

Liberty lost on Tuesday, as it has everyday in the past decade and nearly everyday in the past 200+ years.  No longer does government exist to merely protect us from ourselves and others but it now exists to provide for us as well.  Democrats won because Republicans failed to carry the message of the proper role of government.

In January 2012, I wrote this in Five Reasons Why the 2012 Election is Less Significant Than You Think:

Like crack fiends looking for a fix, our nation is full of entitlement recipients who literally depend on government support to survive.  You cannot coach this mentality out of someone.  Like a terminal disease, it incurably lingers; and the recipients of entitlement spending, along with the party so dependent on them, will do everything within their power to continue with the status quo.  A Republican presidential candidate may cut entitlement spending, but he will have no effect on their mentality.

After being starved of their government checks for four years [if a Republican president were to win in 2012], you can bet your top and bottom dollars (and all the dollars in between) that the crack fiends will be out en masse in the 2016 election to vote for whichever candidate will promise them more crack. A Republican president will likely endure the same economic pains we experience now – these problems aren’t solved overnight.  A Republican president, unless great gains are made in economic growth and unemployment, will not be re-elected.

Rassmussen reports that Republican registration is the largest since 2002.  In my opinion, the Republican Party would do much better at the ballot box if they became the Liberty Party instead of Democrat Lite Party.  This is why 2016 will be the most pivotal and defining election of contemporary American political and economic direction.  If America opts for more socialism in 2016, the Republic is dead and beyond resuscitation.  If the Republican Party fails to become the Party of Limited Government and win that message then we will see a revolution within my lifetime.

Militia Growth in Post-Liberty America.

My guess is that the number of Americans interested in joining militias is going to grow by leaps and bounds.  It’s already growing.  All those redneck, gun-toting, Bible-reading, racists just running around in the woods.

We don’t need redneck militias.  We need real, quasi-professional fighting militias.  Militias and their leaders need to step up and be leaders in the community.  The entire reason why many Americans equate militias with gun-toting rednecks is because that’s how they’ve been portrayed in the media.  We need militias to win hearts and minds locally.


Is it FO time?  Not yet but organized mass resistance is on the horizon.


  1. I do not agree that “…2016 will be the most pivotal and defining election…” That is just wishful thinking, what after 2016, will “2020 be the most defining…” I believe we just had the most defining election in our lifetime. I also don’t believe the Liberty movement can “reach out” to most of Hispanics and Blacks. I come from that community. Most Americans of African descent are not traditional Liberty minded people. Black women have more abortions than babies, and less than 30% of black men will marry the mother of their children. Thus these women _need_ Uncle Sugar Daddy. From the Civil War, to forced integration the federal government has _proven_ that it is the only thing that is here to protect them. Hispanic Catholics have voted for every liberal president since Jimmy Carter. Hispanic Catholics (the vast majority) voted for Obama +55%. Also I have lived in Mexico. Most Latin countries are very socialist, thus what do you think they feel comfortable with? They are coming here, with no time to assimilate, thus they bring more socialism with them. Thus, you don’t “reach out” to a bunch a people who do not believe in your message. And yes, Americans of European descent have committed social suicide by choosing to have 1.6 children. That is irreversible. In addition the Progressive movement is winning the minds and hearts of the normally “Protestant” work ethic whites. Now 40% of white children are illegitimate. Still over 40% of whites, 4 out of 10 you meet voted for Progressive and to take more from the producers. The Progressives

    Again, you don’t win the minds for people who don’t believe your thinking. Thus we are how do you say it … rhymes with duck. BTW, 10% of blacks, one out of ten voted against Obama in the last election, that is kinda of surprising. Also 30% of Hispanics voted against more socialism. Thus there are traditionally minded Liberty lovers in those communities… but they are already voting against the Progressive.

    There are two ways forward. Either accept it, or don’t. In the next four years, more “old school” white voters will die, and more minority voters will reach 18. Republicans have to compete for Florida and Ohio while New York and California are a lock. I it done. Either accept it … or don’t.

    The Bard of the American Redoubt (self-appointed)

    • Partisan says:

      Bard, thank you for commenting. I said 2016 will be the most important election because we get to see if America bounces back from the past eight years. If we do, then we could see enough backlash against the previous federal policies to curb or repeal them. If we don’t and another statist progressive is elected – it’s over. Literally, 2016 is the defining moment of the future of American politics. 2016 is the point of no return.

      And I’m not saying that we can we can win over the entire demographic but I do believe we can win enough (maybe not the minority urban youths) blacks and Hispanics to stem the hemorrhage. So let’s take Ron Paul for instance. He won over large swaths of young people who were previously indifferent about politics. What’s to stop an influential minority from leading a similar Liberty movement?

      We need to reach the industrious Hispanics who come here to improve their lives and want the government to take less of what they make. Look, is this going to be easy? No. Is this going to happen overnight? No. Is this going to change our nation? We have no choice but we have to try to reach these people.

      Point is, we have some due diligence to complete. We may have already lost this nation for good but I want to avoid the alternative if at all possible.

      • Partisan says:

        We could say that at any point in the future, America could start electing a more conservative or libertarian government but I say that 2016 is the point of no return due to our fiscal situation. Many people have heard about this, and I should probably expound up on it, but this is our “collective” future. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy

  2. sventvkg says:

    Please….They hardly have a mandate and their majority is miniscule and even still debatable in that 11 Million Libertarians may have sit this one out because they had no one representing their views. If you look at the collectivist support, you see small pockets in big cities mostly. Require a DL to vote just like you need one to bank, or do anything of a legal nature and this faux “majority” on the left goes away really fast. Fact is, most of the country’s and more importantly the people who actually produce and create are NOT on board with the progressive left. This is going to come to a head and these leftists will have to be physically removed in the end. This is what is going to happen so we would be wise to accept this now and plan accordingly. I’d say we’re at about 1772 or 3 so we have some years to go before it all jumps off. I’d rather die than see my country fall further towards becoming the Tyrannical State that it almost is.

    • Partisan says:

      I never said they had a mandate; simply that there are millions of them and that more of them voted for Obama. I feel sorry for the so-called Libertarians that sat out this general election. We had a perfect good candidate in Gary Johnson. You say the “leftists will have to be physically removed” – when, by whom, and how? That would mean no less than war against a civilian population. That always works out. It’s really hard to pin a date on the 1770’s Revolution spectrum because our time isn’t parallel to theirs. I mentioned this in a separate blog post, but George Washington made it clear that they had no other choice. To say that we are in 1772/3 is to say that we will have formed another government in only three to four years time. I’m not willing to go that far.

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