Army of Crime

Army of CrimeArmy of Crime is a French war drama set in 1940s occupied France (and it’s on Netflix).  This is another must-see move – much like The Wind that Shakes the Barley (also on Netflix) – for a foundational understanding of partisan resistance against an occupation.

Army of Crime is full of teachable moments, running the gamut from codenames and operational planning to tradecraft and underground support networks.

As we saw with the Chetnik Guerrilla Resistance against Nazi occupation in Yugoslavia, so here are multitudes of dissidents murdered for every Nazi death.  It made the protagonist, Missak Manouchian, briefly hesitant to kill Nazis as a matter of ethics.  That quickly changes just as he rolls a grenade into a formation of Nazi stormtroopers.

If you want an inside look at the machinations of a resistance movement, I would highly recommend you watch this film.


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