More Thoughts on Gun Control

I read a pretty interesting article over at Bob Owens.  He provides a lot of food for thought concerning what comes after a nationwide gun ban (or similar restrictive legislation), and although I don’t agree with everything he writes, his piece is worth a read.

Owens oversimplifies a good deal of extremely complex issues; most notably that many Congressmen, their staffers, leftist medial moguls, and other “elite” will be assassinated.

I’m with him 100% that we have to defy all attempts at gun confiscation, but the fact of the matter is that there just aren’t enough federal agents to confiscate our firearms.  If they do come to confiscate your weapons, a handful of fatal funnels would likely end further attempts.

Owens is correct that any significant damage done to the ruling class would likely result in a chaotic distribution of local and regional power vacuums.  Is your sheriff and local law enforcement respected enough or responsible enough to keep the peace?  Your county commissioner or mayor?

But my biggest problem with Owens’ prediction and argument – and many other views of what widespread militia activity will look like – is that militias are made of up men who have to work.  Can you afford to take two weeks off work while you fight a rebellion?  A month?  Three months?  A year?  Can your family make it if you were to die in the process and your life insurance denies your payout?  The answer is, for many of you, an overwhelming no.  Sure, we could all band together and care for the families of those “off in the war”; and folks with disposable income could create some sort of aid stations — and not to mention the healthcare that would need to be provided — but what about the issues of ammo and fuel?  There are just a lot of logistical – and logical – issues that Owens fails to mention, much less answer.  In that regard, Owens’ prediction and argument, in most cases, is weak.

Bob Owens’ piece can be found here: What you’ll see in the rebellion.


  1. Oathkeeper Scott says:

    I think the author assumes too much about about a rebellion/insurgency targeting public officials. That would require a degree and range of intel gathering and effort that I don’t think is out there.

    Your point, that militia would have to ‘go back to work’ I think assumes too much in terms of our economy and normal life continuing on as normal. Our modern world is increasingly brittle and fragile and an insurrection would drive extensive disruption.

    I think many businesses would soon shutter their doors, unable to function for lack of rec’d shipments, fuel, electricity, online networks not functioning. Many would be paralyzed by lack of employees, who choose to stay at home to guard their homes/neighborhoods.

    • Partisan says:

      Hey Scott – Thank you for reading. I absolutely agree with your first point; that’s an ability that an established and driven network would have trouble completing. However, in the event of significant action in a rebellion/insurgency, the world doesn’t stop spinning. People will still go to work because there will still be services and products required. As long as there’s demand and resources, there will be jobs.

      Economic activity won’t cease and if it does, then the government will be able to demonize those actors and really turn the tide of popular support. It’s in our best interest to foster business and life as usual during this time for that purpose.

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