On Legitimacy

alienThrough the rest of the holiday season, Guerrillamerica will only be posting two articles per week, on Mondays and Fridays.  We’ll resume three posts a week, M-W-F, on the second week in January.

I love a good conspiracy theory.  As a kid, I used to stay up past my bedtime and listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.  That’s probably where much of my curiosity came from… and my skepticism.

The world didn’t end last May, nor in October, and it’s not ending next week. I remain doubtful over such theories as Nibiru / Planet X, Bohemian Grove, Elvis being alive, NASA faking the moon landing, contrails, skunk apes, and lizard people.

In short, the more extreme the theory or prediction, the less likely it is to be true or to occur.  But that’s not to say that actual conspiracies don’t exist.  As the saying goes, some conspiracy theories actually are conspiracies.

Clearly, there has been conspiracy among banking cartels to create the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and control our nation’s money.

Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws. — Mayer Rothschild

There have been other conspiracies proposed, attempted, or committed against the American people, on behalf of their “safety,” or “well-being”; things like MK Ultra, Northwoods, COINTELPRO, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and most recently, Fast and Furious which resulted in the death of a US Border agent.

And clearly, there are on-going conspiracies for further federal government control: healthcare and firearms to name a couple.  Permit them to issue and control the healthcare and firearms of the nation and they care not whose rights are violated.

I think it’s safe to say that government is failing on many levels and has been for some time.  First and foremost, it’s failed its fiduciary responsibility to protect and uphold the rights of its citizens.  And when any government fails, so does its legitimacy.  Ask the countries of the Arab Spring.

Government loses its claim to legitimacy when it fails to fulfill its obligations. Martin Gross

Conversely, the will of the American people, acting on behalf of the Founders, and our collective determination to restore the principles of Liberty, sound money, and limited government cannot fail.  We must remain legitimate and therefore we must fulfill our obligations: to meet them at the soap box, to meet them at the ballot box, and, if need be, meet them with the cartridge box.  If we’re not getting ready right now, there won’t be time to get ready.  An unready force is not a legitimate force.

The talking point of this post is this: is our movement seen as having the feasibility and likelihood of an alien lizard invasion or seen with the strength and force of the Second American Revolution?  What are you doing to extend the legitimacy of the movement?

I’m not here to debate the veracity of the Illuminati, Nibiru / Planet X, or anything else; but, in closing, I think Patriots should focus on what we can prevent and restore.  We can prevent further trampling of our Liberties.

We can handle fighting alien space invaders after we rightfully restore the American Republic.


  1. Sheepdog says:

    This is a critical and to the point article. Thank you. I would like to add some perspective to the wording and our collective understanding. “Legitimate” has a specific meaning- exactly as purposed or accordant with law.
    So, we as a movement must know our purpose, be true to our purpose, and ensure we are set up and in line with the law. For clarity, law is not the arbitrary ruling of a tyrant, or regulations that tax or control which are beyond the scope of our US and State Constitutions. However, any law that is Common in nature and-or NOT repugnant to the Rule of Law… That we must be in line with and submitted to; especially Biblical tenants.
    That being said, we may be positioned as legitimate in our integrity and still not be VIEWED as such. The programming and opinion of a populace at large is often in flux.
    At the time of our first revolution, our populace had a frame of reference that understood private property rights, self determination, an Almighty God. In that environment, our movement garnered a minimal supporter base.
    Today our general population has been programmed with insidious mental garbage that is counterproductive to all things good and holy. Our support base today would, by necessity, be smaller (imho).
    We must assume, that though we are legitimate, that we will not be viewed a such. If we can stand form, educate and scribe the line in the sand having this perspective, then we truly will become Gideon’s army.

    • Partisan says:

      Thank you, Sheepdog. I would say there’s a legal legitimacy as well as a factual and realistic legitimacy. You bring up a great point about being a legitimate force but not being reported or viewed as such by the mainstream. Hearts and minds has been a big issue, probably the biggest, for our work overseas and I think we need to give a long look, if we haven’t already, to bringing home what we learned about winning the hearts and minds of the populace over there. Although I’m not a member of a one, organized militias have an excellent opportunity to show the real intent; and there’s not better or more critical piece to hearts and minds than the local militias. If we can build popular support then we can contain the media’s negative portrayal.

  2. Sheepdog says:

    I am not a member of an organized militia either. But that may be a misnomer, however. I recon an organized militia is an army. An unorganized militia or irregular militia is the people at large-able to bear arms.
    We are all members of the irregular militia until actively defending Her. While active, we become the regulated militia…. That is how I understand it-could be wrong.
    That being said, I have given some effort to the in the open and ‘politely in the face’ George Washington-esque approach. People just seem to freak out at the first whiff of camo and AR evidence.
    Once I started toning it down, I found some success in simply being moral and offering old school solutions, opinions and arguments. After a while, the fact that I home school, shoot black guns and store food comes out piece by piece. In digestible portions, it seems less caustic to the milk drinker. I would equate our testimony of Patriotism to conventional evangelism; in many ways.

  3. Tino says:

    Sheepdog is correct. We all are part of unorganized militia as per the Constitution.

    Are you people aware that every new citizens has to take an oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. They have to, literallly, promise to take up arms if necessary. This is required (and asked) from 25-year old Serbian and well as 85-year-old Chinese greag-great-great grandmother.

    As to the Partisan’s talking point. No doubt anybody opposing the leviathan will be painted a terrorist, etc. In fact, we all are domestic terrorists already due to possessing food for more than 7 days, opposing the kenyan’s asinine politics, loving the Constitution, etc. (I’ve never received even a parking ticket in my life, if one does not count the one issued in front of the royal castle in Norway.)

    What I’m doing? I’m working and practicing. And, I’m reading a lot.

    You all stay safe.


    P.S. Good one, Partisan. I’d like you to post several articles daily.

    • Partisan says:

      Hey Tino! Thank you for reading. If I got paid to do this, I would love to post several articles a day! As long as this blog continues to grow, we’ll add additional writers who come from the SOF and Intel communities to provide their perspective on irregular warfare and resistance. Maybe we’ll get to multiple posts per day soon!

      • Tino says:

        Dear Partisan,

        I know exactly where you’re coming from. I run an “Infidel” site (in addition to my “monitoring” job) that generated some 7000 hits daily for some time. It was a 24/7 job.

        I wish your site keeps on growing and you’ll attract the special people you need to compose those articles. My own SF service was overseas, so I don’t count :)

        I wish you and your great blog all the best for the New Year 2013.

        Stay safe.


  4. Panxer says:

    I would recommend marcstevens.net. I think this group would gel well…

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