The Future of Gun Control

guncontrolI’d just like to share my thoughts on gun control: God help us.  I think they stand a strong chance to push through the previous Assault Weapons Bans and then some.  It’s not a bulletproof case (no pun intended) so get loud and active.

“It [the bill] will ban the sale, the transfer, the transportation and the possession,” Senator Dianne Feinstein said on NBC’s Meet the Depressed. “Not retroactively, but prospectively. And it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips of more than 10 bullets.”

Not retroactively means that it won’t apply to “assault weapons” that you purchase before the bill goes into effect, so load up now.  Worst case scenario, we’ll see the EPA ban lead in ammunition next year as well.

Apres moi, les deluge.

I’ll leave you with one last thought.  During any potential economic collapse, we will likely see gun buy-back programs.

I would suggest this in good faith: purchase an extremely cheap firearm for the express purpose of turning it into a buy-back program.  For one, you might be able to shed suspicion of further gun ownership; and two, you might well come out ahead with whatever the government offers in return.


  1. Sheepdog says:

    May cooler heads prevail.
    I know that this conversation tends to anger the gun owners. It should. What is being threatened (again) is one of innumerable rights granted by our Creator. Inalienable is the operative word. Aka-“inseparable”
    The anger is justified, and necessary. But where do we go from here? Being ready for offense is a very effective means to keep the peace. This would also be understood as a defensive posture. We all, individually, have specific lines in the sand. Cross them and we will strike (think Gadsden Flag or defending your spouse against assault).
    This is not the first or last assault on our liberty and rights. Sit back, evaluate the threats and stand firm. Do not lash out with incoherent threats of violence. Suppress the emotional connection and prepare for the storm.
    As appropriate, mail the senators and donate where you believe it makes a difference. Maybe make a sign that would inform the public and stand beside the “will work for food” people. Be intelligent.
    The entity and people who are now overtly threatening us know where the lines in the sand lie. Most likely, they will not cross them. Keep a level head in this time. Remember, the greatest fighters think during conflict. Gorilla adrenaline strength might be impressive, but sprinters rarely endure to the end.

    • Partisan says:

      Sheepdog – May cooler heads prevail, indeed. Surely a bill like this couldn’t get passed in the House but I would fail to be surprised if many Republicans didn’t somehow bow to pressure. As I’ve always said, don’t do anything until there’s something to do.

  2. William Tuttle says:

    Greetings, and God bless.

    The subject of gun control laws, after a long and unlamented absence, is emerging into the public arena again. This time it’s different I think. I get a sense of end-game in the air and I’m not alone in this. There are, however, people on our side, perfectly rational and reasonable people who nevertheless don’t read it that way. I hope they’re right, but I see an element of denial in their understanding of the situation. For example, I posted the following observations on a firearms blog the other day:

    “Greetings and God bless.

    For the last several years the democrats and other proponents of a government monopoly on force have been very reluctant to even bring up the subject of gun control, let alone push for it. It has been a losing proposition politically for them, but given the current political configuration in DC and the country in general, I think that is about to change. I’ve been prowling around in the web, looking at the progressive side of things and my gut is telling me that the gun-control camp has decided that this nightmare in Connecticut is the issue upon which they are going to make their stand. The President has momentum, the Republicans in the House are disorganized, shell-shocked and dis-oriented by the all-out assault from the left on the economic front and of course the media is doing everything in its very considerable power to assist the left in keeping them off balance and in retreat. Now they are going to enthusiastically load Connecticut on top of all that. They will tell the world that not only do we, the conservative, free-market oriented people of America want to destroy children, the elderly, minorities and the poor by eliminating food stamps, health care, social security and Medicare in order to give all the people’s money to their rich friends, but now we want to facilitate baby-killers by supplying them with automatic weapons. I think Connecticut is the position from which the left is going to mount the all-out final assault on the possession of firearms. The onslaught is coming. There will be no quarter. As the British swept Washington out of New York at the Battle of Brooklyn, we may be swept out of DC in the coming assault on the 2nd Amendment. Our stand will have to be made in the State Legislatures, the Counties and the Sheriff’s Offices. Get ready.”

    I received this reply from a blog participant who calls himself, “EM”:

    “I wouldn’t worry too much. We had plenty of mass shootings (Virginia Tech for instance) back when both houses and the presidency were held by the Democrats. Plenty of insane gun control bills are introduced every single year, but never make it out of committee. Hell, an actual congress person got shot and nothing happened.”

    I thought about that for a while. It seemed to me that there might be a little tunnel-vision involved in EM’s perception of the issue. Gun control isn’t merely a bunch of hoplophobes pathetically trying to assuage their irrational fears through the legislative process. What we are facing isn’t a discreet, single-issue problem. Gun control is a sub-set of several parallel and interconnected threads and If EM has a case of tunnel-vision that isn’t letting him take that into account, then perhaps it was because I hadn’t really made that explicit in my original post. I tried to remedy that in my response:

    “Greetings, and God bless.
    Hello, EM.
    True, ever since the Clinton administration, gun control legislation has failed to gain traction, and if the current crop of House Republicans will stick to their guns then maybe further attempts to erode the 2nd Amendment will continue to die in committee. But there will be far more going on here than just a fight over gun control. A sea change is now under way, a ramping up to the next level of combat in the collectivist war on American liberty. For the last sixty years and more there has been ongoing in America, and the West in general, a quiet, slow-motion Bolshevik style revolution. Most of it, until recently, has consisted of silent but effective battlefield preparation and that work is essentially complete. The several different and seemingly unrelated threads of the Gramsciian “long march through the cultural institutions of the west” are coming together. The entrenchment of the current administration marks the perfection of the processes that Lenin referred to as “pressure from above, pressure from below” (“top down, bottom up” for those familiar with Glenn Becks analysis of this subject). The grassroots revolutionaries, over decades, have built up the “mass organizations” necessary for successful revolution (this is what Lenin meant when he stated the need to establish small, highly trained and motivated cadres of professional revolutionaries controlling masses of useful idiots). They are mature and in place, ready to be folded into a “united front”. The revolutionaries have now established control of the Executive Branch and they have constructed arbitrary executive mechanisms under the supervision of “czars” which are operating parallel with, and independent of legitimate Constitutional entities. These revolutionaries have reached down to link with the grassroots revolutionaries. The “top down, bottom up” command and control structure is now integrated and operational. The collectivist social structures that are intended to be the alternative to the collapsing traditional institutions of American society are in place. The educational mechanisms for shaping hearts and minds are in place and operating. The media-based tools for manipulating the public understanding of reality are in place and operating. The order of battle is established. The deployment of assets is complete. All that remains is to pull the trigger. And that will be done in response to a “crisis”. Most likely multiple and coordinated crisis.

    It is within this context that Connecticut drops into their laps. The circumstances are qualitatively and quantitatively different than those surrounding any previous attempts at gun control legislation. Any such attempt in the current period will not be a stand-alone project. It will be a tactical move in a broader strategic action, and I expect that action to unfold between now and the 2014 election. Politically, the correlation of forces is optimal for the left at this moment. All the metrics are in their favor. As they see it now, we, the defenders of the Founders Republic, and the institutions available for us to work through, are disorganized, in flux, dis-oriented, discouraged, pulled in several different directions at once, increasingly isolated, separated from a support base and in general mismatched against an enemy that has raised the art of political warfare to an exact science. They are very good at it. We are not. They believe that they have structured the political battlefield so effectively that essentially, all that remains for them to do is reduce the enemy in detail, but they know this strategic situation will not remain static indefinitely. The outcome of the 2014 elections, in all probability, will be less than desirable from their standpoint. They have every reason to believe that the time to push their revolution to the next level is now. So, in light of all this, what are the odds that the current and upcoming crop of House Republican will “stick to their guns” while standing at the focus of a white hot media spotlight, drenched in the blood of Connecticut’s children?

    So, EM, I sure hope you’re right, but I fear that the next push for gun control is going to be orders of magnitude different that any that has come before.

    I’m not trying to be discouraging or defeatist here. I speak of the collectivist perception of the situation. I’m not being Pollyanna here either. That perception, in too many ways, is dangerously close to the truth and we have to understand, and own that. My discussion is also framed in terms of political combat as opposed to physical conflict. Can this Marxist revolution go hot? Absolutely, but while pushing things to the limit so as to maintain momentum, the revolutionaries need to keep it just short of a shooting war, because that, of course, would change everything.

    Which is an entirely different discussion altogether.”

  3. Tino says:

    Apres moi, les deluge – I’d translate this as “damn the consequences (after I’m gone).”

    Should the PTB really be so dense, all I can respond is tu me fais chier, mon amis. Pas de chantage ça ne marche pas.

    Alors bonne chance.

    Viva la resistance! Vive les Etat-Unis libre!


    P.S. Sheepdog is, of course, right. The coooler heads need to prevail. On the other hand, I seriously doubt I’ll hand over my legally owned firearms, and I will not have a boating accident nor do I hand over some piece of crap to make the tyrants happy. FBHO.

    P.P.S. I’d sugggest everybody to read Bracken’s latest:


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