22 JAN: The First D-Day of 2013

shutterstock_82152046On 22 January 2013, Senator Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban bill will be introduced into the US Congress. This is truly a monumental time in the course of our future liberties and this nation.  I reckon that 2013 is going to hold for us many D-Days – events which will change the course of our future.  This AWB will be the first.  (And before anyone accuses me of belittling D-Day, understand that I had a grandfather in the invasion at Omaha; as a combat vet I have a great understanding, appreciation, and respect for the event; and that the likening of the two only serves to describe them as similar turning points in the conflicts.)

The first order should be to stockpile what’s available, within your budget (and maybe outside of your budget, within some reason).  If you don’t have an AR-15 and can’t afford the increased cost, then look at a Ruger 10-22, a semi-automatic hunting rifle, or one of the .22 conversions on an AR-15 platform (S&W M&P 15-22 is a nice one for about $500).  I suggest 22s if you can’t afford an AR-15 or AK-47 because the rounds are cheap, available, they’re better than nothing, and you might be surprised at what a few dozen 22 rounds can do in a pinch.  Get what you can and learn it, whatever it is.  5.56 ammunition, when found, should sell for about $350 per 1,000 rounds; however, at a local gun show I saw prices range from 60 cents to a dollar per round.  Frankly, I wouldn’t support anyone who was gouging prices unless it was my only option.  We still have some time for the dislocated market to catch up so keep an eye out for a good deal.  Whether or not the new AWB bill goes through, I do believe that the EPA will ban lead in bullets in the next few years.  We know this administration will attempt to disarm us and turning a $0.35 round into a $3.50 round is part of that plan.  Get what you can while it’s around.  I’ve seen folks recommending a few thousand rounds per weapon.  I would recommend that you purchase as much as possible because if the SHTF, many patriots aren’t going to come up with a standard load (7 mags but I would opt for a few more, mission dependent).  And speaking of magazines, I saw PMAGS selling for as little as $40 and up to $75.  It was a total disgrace considering this time of need, but it’s their right to sell them for $1,000… because it’s still theirs.  I heard from my local gun guys that Magpul is churning out as many black PMAGs as humanly possible and should be continually shipping.  I go by my local shop a couple times a week to see what they have in.  I recommend doing the same.

The next order should be to engage our Congress critters.  Democrat or republican, let them know that violating the Constitution is not congruent with their oaths of office or the will of the People.  We have to let them know that by hook or crook, there will hell to pay if they violate the Bill of Rights.  That begins with voting someone else in (especially for a republican representative) and ends somewhere I don’t want to go yet.

Confiscation, frankly, probably isn’t going to happen.  What’s most likely is that they pass a bill requiring registration of many firearms, including “assault rifles”; something even moderate republicans can get behind.  After that, we’ll see legislation creating a few million new citizens under an immigration bill; and when the democrats ensure they never lose another general election, we’re going to see a new bill requiring the registration of all firearms. I doubt they’ll ever knock on doors to confiscate weapons because there just aren’t enough law enforcement officers willing to trade their lives for our guns.  Whichever ones are brave enough will be in short supply and shorter supply after the first few incidents.

I’ve read a lot of opinions about our rightful duty to resist registration and here’s my take: registration is for sex offenders.  Do not register your firearms.  Unlike a sex offender who has a track record (at least one) of crime, 99% of gun owners have never committed a gun crime. Furthermore, I believe there’s a strong case that a warrant would be needed under the 4th Amendment in order to mandate gun registration.  What is registration if not a record of search?  Registration against one’s will is a form of search because there’s no way authorities would know that one has a firearm, if not through a search.   At any rate, you could say that you sold them during the panic for a hefty profit, but check with your state laws to ensure that you don’t need a bill of sale on paper.  If the stormtroopers buy it, great.  If not, you’re not really anymore screwed than you already were for lying to them, than you were with possession of felony contraband, anyway.  If they have a warrant, you’re already screwed and the choice of escalation is up to you.

This has to be our line in the sand.  If they take our weapons without consequence, then they’ll take every thing else we have as well; only next time we’ll have no recourse.

If the AWB does go through, support state legislation that Montana and South Carolina (and maybe others) have on the books:  if a firearm is manufactured in the state, purchased in the state, and remains in the state, then it’s legal in that state regardless of federal laws.  Support state legislation that ignores the federal ban or registration mandate on firearms.  Support your county sheriff in his (hopeful) refusal to enforce unconstitutional and tyrannical laws.

On the other hand, if the AWB is voted down and no registration bill gets through, then consider this one of the first small victories we’ve achieved.  Allow this moment to create more momentum and see what else we can get repealed, delayed, or struck down (highly optimistic, I know).  Don’t allow your representatives to vote YEA on an immigration reform bill that makes citizens of illegal immigrants.  This is a surefire way to keep statists in power.

If you have seen or know of any other tactic – that’s not totally obvious (i.e., fatal funnels) – dealing with resistance against firearms registry or confiscation, please share it below.


  1. jwoop66 says:

    It sounds to me like you are recommending more defense against the left’s offense. Where has that gotten us thus far? One day the line will have to be drawn. They will not stop. I don’t want trouble, but I’m sick of being forced to play defense when I want to just mind my own business and live my life.

    • Partisan says:

      How could you possibly think I’m advocating more defensive strategies and what kind of offensive action do you want to see? Staying engaged in the political process to defeat the AWB and repeal Obamacare is hardly defensive. You’re right that they won’t stop but we have to deplete all other avenues before we escalate. Direct action has to be the very last step in the build up and we saw the same thing in 1775. The colonies took abuse and punishment from the Crown before they threw off their chains and it was only then that they depleted all other options.

      No one wants trouble. I really like that quote, “Give me Liberty and I’ll take care of the rest.” You and I are the same but we must have patience and calculate the risks. If we do take arms in defense – and it will only be in defense of our Liberties – then we have to make sure we win. A Pyrrhic victory is no victory at all; a stalemate isn’t a victory; and a defeat and it’s implications (re: Reconstruction after the Civil War) certainly isn’t victory. Don’t do anything until there’s something to do.

  2. Tony Long says:

    May GOD help us all now. The anti American, Marxist left are now really comming for our freedoms full force. First they are going to disarm the opposition, secound silence us, then it’s off to the reeducation camps, if your still alive. Obama is the dream of all those back stabing, elitist, complete control boot on your throats, leftist trash in America: your typical looser professor type.
    True American freedom fighters I say, “Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition”! Man up and let us fight for our freedoms now. The revolution has began.

    • Partisan says:

      Thank you for reading, Tony. You are exactly right. “Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition.” Love it.

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