Understanding the Need for Intelligence

I’m going to post this video over to the Getting Started page.  It’s an hour long but it’s a MUST WATCH to understand the ground level of intelligence and intelligence analysis.  If you have an hour, it’s well worth your time.  Even if you have ten or fifteen minutes, it’s well worth your time.

As Dr. Fingar points out early in the video, intelligence analysis exists because there’s a need to reduce uncertainty.  There are lots of assumptions we make about the future of Liberty in America, even the existential future of America, yet timelines and events are still unknown.

If you want to begin to reduce the uncertainty in your community or region’s future, then begin learning intelligence analysis.  There is no room for ‘intuitively’ guessing at the future.  Start with this video.

Reducing Uncertainty: Intelligence Analysis and National Security, by Dr. Thomas Fingar

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