If Only We Had Their Determination

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Following members of ISIS on their social media accounts is a wealth of great information.  It’s been a worthwhile effort to see some of the propaganda they’ve been churning out.  These Daeshbags* who rape and pillage deserve to die, but I have to admire their dedication to their mission.

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I can only pray that Patriots in America have this kind of determination to restore Liberty, just as soon as we realize that being fat, comfortable, and happy is killing us and our way of life.

But just as our Founders’ determination was Righteous, so must be ours.  Last year John Ainsworth told me, “You don’t get morality from immorality.”  He was saying that we can’t be immoral in our efforts to restore Liberty, and I believe him.

One thing we can say about Daesh* is that they’re committed to the Caliphate, and are terribly immoral even by the most liberal of standards.  I remember reading a story about how some ISIS fighters had raped a woman so badly that she could no longer defecate – and I know that’s extremely graphic, but it illustrates the levels of their evil and brutality.

But even as they’re wiped off the battlefield, they still fight.  And if there’s one takeaway from all this, it’s that humanity can be dedicated to accomplishing the mission under any circumstances; from Leonidas and his men at the Hot Gates, to that winter at Valley Forge, to young men storming the beaches at Normandy suffering heavy losses and fighting on to defeat Naziism.

In my opinion, tougher things than restoring our Liberty have been done throughout history.  I sometimes wonder if we can channel that righteous dedication and complete our mission.


* From the Boston Globe:

The term “Daesh” is strategically a better choice because it is still accurate in that it spells out the acronym of the group’s full Arabic name, al-Dawla al-Islamiya fi al-Iraq wa al-Sham. Yet, at the same time, “Daesh” can also be understood as a play on words — and an insult. Depending on how it is conjugated in Arabic, it can mean anything from “to trample down and crush” to “a bigot who imposes his view on others.” Already, the group has reportedly threatened to cut out the tongues of anyone who uses the term.


  1. KY Jelly says:

    “I can only pray that Patriots in America have this kind of determination to restore Liberty, just as soon as we realize that being fat, comfortable, and happy is killing us and our way of life.”

    I think enough people already realize all of this, they are just held back by the ROL. When enough of these folks experience in their personal lives an absence of ROL (WROL), then the determination will come out. We see pockets of it in WA, in CT, and in CO. WROL just hasn’t hit enough people who recognize the danger that Liberty is in; they cannot morally justify acting before such a time. ROL protects them thus far, they will not violate ROL until they have been treated (grossly) inequitable under the law.

    Timing is everything.

  2. Cold War Gunner says:

    I’ve about had enough of these muzzie goathumpers..Think it is about time for our military to break out the fuel/air weapons and give them a good dose of what Hell really feels like, and add in an overlay of napalm, just to make the point..


  3. JLocke says:

    Sigh….If only we loved the Constitution as Moslems love the Koran.
    (both being a form of government and political system)

    It’s surprising that thousands are not marching in Washington right now, demanding a return to Constitutional government. Because:
    1. Failure to stop the Reconquista of the Southwest
    2. Promoting even more illegal aliens to enter OUR country
    3. A FED that is destroying out $$$ while creating vast riches for the .01%
    4. .GOV takeover of the best medical system in the world, albeit expensive.
    5. Too Big To Fail bailouts
    6. DOJ selective prosecution of Whites and blind to Black crime
    7. DOJ refusing documents to Congress for IRS, Benghazi, Fast ans Furious. etc.
    8. Troops to Africa to fight Ebola.
    9. Rampant, unprosecuted voter fraud in Black enclaves, in Calif with illegals voting – See Bob Dornan

    I could go on but this points out that most good “Patriots” are too comfortable, and willing to “Laissez les bons temps rouler”, let the good times roll, rather than make the sacrifices required to REALLY protest .GOV. Only when they have at last been impoverished and left with little to lose will they try to do something, by then it’s too late.

    • JudgementComes says:

      Guy killed three muslims in North Carolina. He is already convicted by the press and his ex-wives. The opening line of the story is hysterical: “Police are trying to determine if the killer of three muslims was motivated by hate…” On Drudge…

    • Joe Bloe says:

      Reconquista ? Sigh. You demonstrate complete ignorance of the psyche of the average Mexican/Chicano/Latino/Hispanic or whatever ethnic group, demographic or nationality you want to label brown people. Be mindful of what you think, feel, write or say because your fears just may become a self fulfilling prophecy. My point is, reject fear. Its a destructive motivation.

      • JLocke says:

        First, I am American, and a Cherokee, with my linage going back to the Trail of Tears. I’m not opposed to “Brown” or any other color of people, my wife is a “Brown” person. There is no doubt that La Raza is a working hard for the Reconquista, there is much resentment among Mexicans toward the USA for the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo that annexed Norther Mexico. This is no secret.

        • Joe Bloe says:

          La Raza are a bunch of communist malcontents. No self respecting “Brown person” gives them any credibility whatsoever. Forget about your so called lineage. Go to the source. Drive to your nearest Home Depot and ask the lowly brown guy standing around waiting for work what his hopes, aspirations and dreams are. For those of you who are convinced the “Reconquista” is near, don’t you think “they” would be out at the range doing drills on “Uncle Sam” targets. Or conducting sabotage on critical infrastructure. Fear is blinding you from the reality that exists around you. I’m not trying to pick a fight with you. I’m just trying to insert some clarity.

          Go to Home Depot. This would be a great humint exercise. Let me know what you find out.

          P.S. See J.R. Guerras comments below. He has it right.

  4. DAN III says:

    Why is battling ISIS an American fight ? Have they attacked sovereign American territory ? No. They have not. The warring in the Middle East has never been an American problem. The real problem originates in Washington D.C. by policies of the ruling elites. This has given us the invasion of OUR sovereign borders by foreign national invaders. A war against this nation, instigated and encouraged and endorsed by the administration of whom some would call “president”.

    So, while our own borders are under attack from both outsiders and insiders, you sir believe the events in the Middle East, should be addressed with American blood and treasure. Not yours, of course. Meanwhile our own nation is disappearing, our language being compromised with bilingual, Spanish in our stores, in .gov documents and websites, in our .gov schools and in the halls of Congress. But hey, lets kill us some more “goatherders”.

    Wake up. Time is running out.

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      “So, while our own borders are under attack from both outsiders and insiders, you sir believe the events in the Middle East, should be addressed with American blood and treasure. Not yours, of course.”

      Well, I’ve never proposed that we go fighting another war. I spent my three and a half years in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m done with war in the Middle East, until such a time comes that they attack our homes or our Bill of Rights, to paraphrase Smedley Butler.

      Do you even read what I write, or just form opinions in your head after reading the first few sentences?

      • DAN III says:

        SCulper III,

        You responded with your remark the same as I did, i.e., you did not address your thoughts to me. Same as I did earlier. I too failed to address the person I was making my response to earlier. That person I should have addressed my comments to was Cold War Gunner. You in turn thought I was addressing you. I was not. I apologize for the confusion.

        BTW….I’m using a tablet. Makes responding a bit difficult.

      • First Sergeant says:

        I too, believe that “War is a Racket” by General Smedley Butler, USMC, 2 time MOH Winner, should be required reading while taking Civics around 8th Grade and once again in HS.

        It is an “eye opener.”

        National Security entails more than Military Might. It includes having a strong vibrant economy. A sane immigration Policy. A sane Foreign Policy, A nation a saver and makers instead of a nation of consumers fueled by ever more Debt. et. al

        Sadly, our Government is corrupt as well as incompetent.

        We all have a long hard struggle ahead.

  5. AS says:

    Thomas Paine said, “The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.”

    To drive that point home, we must understand that a country is its people. So within that duty, is the unceasing will to come to the aid of any person who needs protection from its government. On this point, we generally fail, with Bundy being a recent exception.

    This is where it starts, aiding those in need of protection, en masse as Patriots who’s duty it is to provide for them. If we start there, then the rest will fall into place. Because ultimately, you will endear the populace if you protect them from their government.

  6. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    I don’t know why the Mexican National would want to see their president rule the American Southwest territories. The Mexican government cannot take care of what the Mexican territory have already. Its why the Mexican citizen came to this side – they can’t make a living over there. These illegals would be back to square one – living with their rulers – er – president. Now – where would they run to ?

    If they had any sense, they’d take Ed Abbey’s advice and smuggle guns and ammo back across to their family so they can take their country back. Lets see if THAT would slow down illegal immigration.

  7. I spent two semesters as a visiting professor in Turkey. I had an opportunity to observe ordinary Muslims at close range. My time there included a month of Ramadan. I was very impressed at the way students and faculty observed the fasting during Ramadan. The school closed down half the cafeteria, and the remaining half had hardly any people at lunch time. Mostly a few of us foreigners. The Muslims I saw were really serious about their religion. I can’t help wondering if we can match their seriousness.

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