Good Chart of Rules for the Use of Burner Phones

Via The Intercept:


















(I tried to find the original source article, but was unable.)

If you like these rules, then be sure to check out my two books —- Security: A Primer for Freedom Fighters and SHTF Intelligence.



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  1. There are few pay phones nowadays in low populations areas but everyone has a cell phone now. Most strangers will let most people use their cell phone for a minute if you look respectable and come up with a good story. This can also lead the opposition down false trails and cause them to waste time investigating the person whose cell phone you borrowed. But beware that the person whose cell phone you used can ID you if an investigator calls them. Also they can ID you on the in store security cameras where you buy the burner cell phone.

    I never did like cell phones. I only buy cheap flip phones not smart phones. Realize they can track you 24 hours a day as your cell phone continually pings from tower to cell phone tower any time you have the cell phone turned on.

    Another covet method of making a phone call is to attach two alligator clips to a small cheap land line phone then plug it in to the outside phone junction box taping in to someones land line phone like phone company repairmen do. If you are wearing a hard hat, have a wite pickup, and and an orange vest like you are a repairman most people will drive on right by you. Or you could open the junction box after dark and attach long wires to it, put the cover back on, and conceal yourself.

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