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SHTF-IntelOver the past several weeks, we’ve shipped copies of SHTF Intelligence to hundreds of readers in the Patriot and Prepper community.  The response has been overwhelming, and I’m deeply appreciative of the support.

I’m not married.  I have no kids.  I didn’t write this book to help my family, I wrote it to help yours and to shed light on a poorly covered topic in the preparedness community.  Intelligence is such an important piece of surviving conflict, yet it’s completely overlooked on nearly every preparedness website.  Do you know why?  Because relatively few individuals have real experience in doing the work of intelligence in conflict.

That’s why I’ll be hosting a couple of webinars in support of the book.  If you purchased the e-book or the print version (or both), then you’ll be receiving an email to register for webinars in January and February.  I’ll do one each month to talk about some of the concepts in the book and to answer your questions.  It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’ for allowing me to do what I love: teaching intelligence in our small but growing community.

I’ve jam packed SHTF Intelligence with the how-to’s for building and running an intelligence section for community security in a SHTF situation.  In an emergency, the ability to gather and utilize critical intelligence information is going to make or break your security.  If you don’t have relevant intelligence before SHTF and no way to get it during SHTF, then you’re going to be screwed.  You’re going to be stressed and probably scared because you won’t know what’s going on.  I know what that feels like first-hand because the Taliban once breached our perimeter on my second tour in Afghanistan.  They were able to cut a hole through the fence one night because someone was asleep on tower duty and all our eyes and ears were focused outside the wire to prevent an attack inside it.  It doesn’t feel good.

I imagine many Americans are going to have similar feelings during any number of possible SHTF events, but they’re going to be a lot less prepared than we were.

Not getting any information, getting poor information, or good information too late are a few things that will negate any preparations you’ve made or items you’ve acquired.  Not understanding the threat environment that surrounds you is a a sure way to lose a conflict.   The good news is that these problems are preventable!  The work may not be quick and easy, but I show you step-by-step how to develop intelligence sources and where to get good intelligence information.  Getting relevant information is cheap and easy today, but we can’t say the same during SHTF.  Information will come at a premium.

If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on ‘stuff’ but not spending any time on some basic intelligence work, then you’re preparing to be surprised.

Everything you need to know about intelligence for SHTF is contained in the book.  It’s just shy of 200 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ like a textbook, and contains no filler.  It’s all intelligence and community security, and it contains important information that cannot be found anywhere else.  That’s why I wrote it.  You can get your copy here.

I’ll post the Table of Contents and subsection titles below so you can get a better idea of what’s in the book.

If you haven’t ordered the book yet, there’s still time for us to ship it before Christmas.  I’ll give everyone a month or two (Jan-Feb) to read the book, and then we’ll start the Q&A webinars (we actually had the first one last month).

If you want to schedule an SHTF Intelligence training class in your area, get in touch with me.  The 2016 schedule is already filled up until March.


Introduction to Intelligence & Community Security 8

Chapter One: A Brief Overview of Intelligence 14
Chapter Two: Understanding the Intelligence Cycle 23
Chapter Three: Building Your Intelligence Section 35
Chapter Four: Intelligence Analysis 56
Chapter Five: Developing Intelligence Collection 98
Chapter Six: Intelligence Preparation of the Community 132
Chapter Seven: Targeting 147

Appendix A: IPC / Area Study Example 154
Appendix B: Intelligence Requirements Templates 170
Appendix C: Community Security Strategies 173
Appendix D: Military Intelligence Creed 179
Appendix E: Screening Sheet 180
Appendix F: Operation Urban Charger Data 181

Endnotes 187

Guide to Chapter Subsections

Intelligence Disciplines 19
Intelligence Moves Beyond the Threat 21
Intelligence Cycle Phase One 26
Intelligence Cycle Phase Two 30
Intelligence Cycle Phase Three 30
Intelligence Cycle Phase Four 31
Intelligence Cycle Phase Five 31
ACE Organization 37
ACE Operations 47
Vignette: Operation Urban Charger 51
Subject Matter Expertise 59
Curing Analytical Bias 60
Arriving at Accurate Conclusions 65
Analytic Tradecraft 68
Predictions & Outcomes 75
Intelligence Tasks and Products 77
METT-TC Analysis 79
Battle Tracking 81
Intelligence Summary 87
Situational Template 89
Order of Battle 89
Table of Organization & Equipment 93
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) 100
Human Intelligence (HUMINT) 103
Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) 125
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) 131
Define the Community Environment 135
Describe the Community’s Effects 139
Evaluate the Threats 140
Determine Threat Courses of Action 145

Tons of relevant information that you’re going to need during an SHTF event.  I’m an intelligence analyst and I’m preparing for SHTF, too!



  1. TI says:

    Got my copy Culper. Keep up the great work.


  2. Bill Harzia says:

    Got two copies (I must have ordered twice).

    Sure, M4geries are fun, even necessary. But intel chiefs have been the past presidents of the USA and the current president of Russia.

  3. Robert Townsend Jr says:


    I would like to order this book along with with the Security primer, however, I don’t want the print versions, just e-book. Any chance of getting them in e-book only?

    Robert Townsend Jr.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius says:

    Roger that!


    BOTH are needed greatly these days. Gonna get me sum….

  5. sofa says:

    FoMag = K

    Any way to acquire book without funding K ?

    • Robert Townsend Jr says:


      What is K?

    • Samuel Culper III says:


      Samuel Culper (me) runs Forward Observer. K has no affiliation. I’m a former intelligence NCO and contract intelligence analyst who uses Forward Observer to publish information from intelligence and special operations veterans.

      We would appreciate your support in our efforts to train as many pro-Liberty Americans as we can, given our time and resources.

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