Samuel Culper III is a former military and contract intelligence analyst, a combat veteran, a prepper and proud resident of the American Redoubt.  He can be reached at sam (at) guerrillamerica dot com.

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Heimdall is a former Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Collector and Analyst with tactical and operational experience, including multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.



  1. Jay says:

    What is the meaning of your Flag logo, with 12 stars and the 3 percent pillars. Whats its meaning and keep up the work!!

    • Partisan says:

      Hey Jay – Thank you for reading. The flag, often called the Nyberg Flag, represents the three perecent (III). I think the historical consensus is that only three percent of colonial Americans ever took arms against the British to secure their liberty. The contemporary meaning is that there’s a present-day three percent of Americans who are willing to take arms to secure their liberty, if/when the need arises.

    • Doug says:

      Mr Culper love stopping in and learning are you going to be doing one of your battlefield intelligence assessments for the inauguration? I hear five thousand guard troops are being activated.

  2. tom k says:

    Geico insurance has cancelled several firearms companys insurance.I have just cancelled my 2 polices with them.I will not do business with them,and will not support a company that doesnt supprt the second amendment

    • Partisan says:

      Excellent response, Tom. I didn’t know that about GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) but I’ll do some research on it. We should all follow your suit and stop doing business with those companies.

      • billy says:

        The owner of Cosco is a big obama supporter and fund raiser. Consider that whenyou shop at cosco.

        Also the owner of Progressive Insurance is a big finance r of obama.

      • Nate says:

        Were you ever able to find out anything about Geico?

  3. Thomas Fraser says:

    Just found your website. I hope to learn a lot. Please keep up the good work.

  4. Phil says:

    Remember the 1984 version of Red Dawn?
    Jed’s father yells from inside the fence of the re-education camp: “Avenge Me!”

    The next scene is the three boys running toward Mason’s old farm house. Mr. Mason was played by the actor Ben Johnson, “…you’re forty miles behind enemy lines…”

    Mr. Mason gave the young men a place to rest, a chance to get warm, hot drinks, a bottle of whiskey for the trip back into the mountains, news and current events.

    When Mr. Mason gave a radio to the boys, they said that it was too much and they couldn’t accept it. Mr. Mason told them to take it because he’s got another one.

    Then Mason said: “You boys need food, a bed, you come here.”

    Mr. Mason was an incredibly valuable and lifesaving asset to the Wolverines.

    I’m a prepper. I love my family, my Savior, and my country, and I’m over fifty years old. I’ve seen websites that want to teach me how to train to be a patriot soldier.

    I am too old and too overweight to do that kind of job.
    But I am not useless during a time of tribulation.

    Like Mr. Mason, I have a place for people to rest, to get warm, I have hot drinks, an extra bottle of whiskey, and I have more than one Eton Wind-Up radio. I can tend a wound but I’m not a doctor, I can provide a bed, shave, shower, fresh clothes, and a place to stay until friends arrive.

    It would be nice to have some direction or ideas about setting up, stocking and maintaining suburban waypoints, safe houses, or a “depot” on an underground railroad.

    What should we have on hand when that knock comes on our door in the middle of the night and a good patriot needs our help? How do the safe houses network, and tell the patriots that we exist and we are willing to answer that late-night knock on our door?

    I am Mr. Mason, and there are many others like me out here in the nation. (Except that most of us live in the suburbs, and not in farms up in the mountains.) Would you please give us a little advice about how we can help our Wolverines?

    Thank you.

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      Hey Phil – Thank you for reading. There’s plenty of room for contributions from those Mr. Masons out there. We’re going over some intel/auxiliary aspects right now but I suppose we need to get around to answering the rest of your questions. Thank you for your willingness to contribute. I’m sure you’ll be a blessing to some Patriots one day.

    • Judy says:

      Phil, there is an Underground Railroad already being set up. The only way I know to contact them is through the Modern Militia Movement website (www.modernmilitiamovement.com). On the home page, to the right side, is their logo. Click on it for more information. And if you do decide to contact them, follow the instructions EXACTLY on how to do so, or they won’t respond to you.

      Hope this helps.

    • jeffrey warnick says:

      I salute you Phil you are a true American To fight this soon to be war is not about everyone taking up arms and running around the countryside. it takes that and much more it takes public opinion and all the people behind the battles that are for one reason or another can’t physically fight. That said you and all the others are just as important or more for without yours and many more like you we will not get our country back. A warm meal and a brake from the cold will be more valuable than gold. I for one would fight and help protect you any day. As far as your questions it would be nice to talk one on one but if not trust in the Lord and talk to for he will show you the way. May the Lord Bless and Keep you and your family safe.

  5. Do you review books? If so, give me a snail mail address and I’ll send you a review copy of my book RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY. It’s available from Amazon, and there are several reviews there already, but I’d like to reach your readers.

    Joseph P. Martino

  6. Unreconstructedgordo says:

    I stumbled into you two blog one late night search recently seeing if any sanity was out there. I filter out the numerous racist, poser wanna be and whacko morons and even the survivalist hobbyists. Thank G-d you are here and I am feeding! Thing is I have to draw in my childrens generation to do the real lifting, things look good tho in that respect as I learned them right and they are role models for their RELIABLE friends, some Desert Storm and later guys FWIW…Cheers and respect from socialist queer capital of the country.. What a sad day when I’d rather have Putin as Prez. !

  7. Tim Adams says:


    I have been looking at patriot web sights for some time now and though many of them sound expert (I’m an ex sailor, so what do I know about ground combat or the skills thereof) in there teachings the one glaring fault I find among them is their lack of unity among resistance groups and there individualistic, arrogant, and self reliant exclusion of the acknowledgement of the need of the providential care of God Almighty.

    This is foolishness by men training to lose their life and freedom and that of their families.

    So I have prepared a prayer for those humble enough to read it, first to themselves for the purpose of understanding it and agreeing with it, if they can. And then on bended knee to offer it up to God in faith that He will forgive us and give us our county back.

    The War Fighters Prayer

    Father, I ask that you would forgive me my many sins and hear my prayer for mercy. I acknowledge your Sovereignty over the affairs of men and ask that you would forgive us our many offenses against you. You gave us a magnificent land overflowing with treasure and set us free to pursue the desires of our hearts. But we and our fathers corrupted our way and polluted this land with the blood of innocent children and allowed the minds and hearts of our children to be turned against you in dishonor. We have worshiped the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, instead of you; and all to our shame. And now you are withdrawing your hand of protection from our lives and our land. And the enemy is at the gates and we are afraid.

    Holy Father, we know you, we know that you are kind and good and merciful and you hear the prayers of those that will humble themselves and seek your face. Forgive us our sins and hear our prayer for we are in great danger.

    What pain and sorrow lies ahead we don’t know, but we humbly ask that you would strengthen us to accept it as our due and endure it like men and soldiers of freedom and to fight on in hope and confidence in our cause and your strength. Make your cause our cause Father; that men should live in freedom and righteousness.

    Lord God Almighty; strengthen our arms and minds against the enemy and put a rage in our hearts; first against our own sins and then against the wickedness of those that would enslave the world and destroy all that is good and right.

    Lead us into battle against the armies of our enemy. Lead us against those that hold us in contempt because we are your people and they hold you in contempt. Blind their eyes, deafen their ears, confuse their minds, weaken their arms and put them into our hands for destruction.

    Give us the strategies and tactics and means to be victorious. Gather to the cause of freedom and righteousness armies of strong men impatient to join in battle. Give us courage and boldness because our God is leading us.

    We bring nothing of consequence to the battlefield, but our hope and trust in you; and that is enough. And after our blood, sweat, tears and treasure have been offered up to you in repentance on the battlefield; let them be acceptable to you as our pledge of allegiance out of hearts of gratitude.

    Remember we are just men and prone to moral failure, strengthen us, forgive us for Christ sake and lead us to victory Father, for we have no other hope.

    [ It has been said in the Battle Hymn Of The Republic that: “Christ died to make men Holy; let us die to make men free”.]

    So be it.

    AMEN and AMEN

  8. Tim Adams says:


    I appreciate your “ABOUT” page and made a comment (“The Warfighters Prayer”) there several days ago and have been waiting for someone to either anoint it, or step on it, but there hasn’t been any response so far, which is no big deal. But I didn’t want to be guilty of hogging available space with another comment before someone else posted theirs there. But nobody’s talking so….

    Well, I’ve been thinking about some of the things you’ve said and what others have said on their sites regarding the social/economic slow-motion train wreck we’re riding over our American cultural cliff.

    I congratulate you on your move to the American Northwest Redoubt. Though I don’t think you’ll fare any better up there than you would in the Appalachians, Florida swamps, Ozarks, or a dozen others defendable geographical areas in the States including certain big city neighborhoods I know of but wouldn’t go into. But every man should be able to choose the ground he’s willing to die for and on.

    I lived in Missoula, Montana for close to twenty years; logged and hunted in the Garnet Range; owned land in the foothills of the Bitterroot Mountains; saw my first mountain lion with her cub on a fresh deer kill in Lolo national forest; got drunk and dove into Flathead lake’s bitter-cold waters in November and came out sober as a church deacon and built more houses on hillsides in and around Lolo and Missoula than I care to remember. So when I say that when you and the bad guys start chasing each other up and down those billy-goat mountains in the northwest you’ll be thinking of the flatlands with fond memories; I know what I’m talking about. Oh, and I’ve lived in Alaska too; so ditto there.

    Sam, it gets bitter cold up there in winter and summers or hot and dry with a constant fear of forest fire (I logged with an idiot that started a fire with a flipped cigarette) that will turn into a guaranteed forest fire during a firefight. Read civil war battle history.

    The Northwest is a beautiful place to live in during peaceful times but those times are coming to an end, my friend. And if we are defeated down here, they will be coming for you up there. And then who will be coming to your support? Would you like to see what that will look like? Buy and watch the movie “UPRISING” by Jon Avnet, on amazon. It’s the true story of the Jews and Nazis having at each other in the Warsaw ghetto for 3 or 4 months. It didn’t end well for the Jews. About fifty escaped. The other 349,950 were murdered one way or another and mostly with the help of their fellow pacifist Jews.

    In my practicing and studying hand to hand combat it came to light that the untrained and cowardly being unable to face the brutal horror of an attack will turn their back to the enemy (it’s a psychological escape) and that’s when they die. That’s what the Jews did and that is what most Americans will do (and for the same reasons) on their way to slavery or an early grave.

    You know what is said about divide and conquer; so why hand it to them on a silver platter. If all the fighters bug out for their hidy holes who will stand and raise the price on American real estate? The women, skate-board punks and movie-trained wannabe tough-guys? What’s worse; what if they win and get the victory parade? Wouldn’t that pucker your butt.

    Seriously, we need to get serious about this. I have an idea. We need to have a roll call for guys with guns and attitudes that will travel…short distances. BUT NOT WITH THE GUNS; NOT NOW. This comes under the rubric of PsyOps because we have to make war on psychological barriers and nervous breakdowns in the ranks before we can make war on the enemy. And this is how we do it.

    This is the idea: Wait; first, for you guys that need a code name for every mission, we will call it the “August Ultimatum” or better yet “The Gathering”. Either one will be sufficiently threatening to piss some official pants.

    On Sunday, August the 10th 2014 every brave-heart, that will; should go to their county court house and mill around between the hours of 3pm and 4pm and do nothing and say nothing (dead quiet) for that one hour then go home. That’s it. But look around as you mill around and get a good guess of the number of men there. They are most likely to be your comrades in arms. Yes,when the word gets out by some snitch there will be undercover cops and their human puppy-dogs there, but not to worry, we will set out roach hotels for them later. Right now you and I need to see if we’re alone or among a band of brothers.

    Now listen up guys: Men project power; a man alone projects power in dribbles and drabs, (unless he’s a real knuckle dragger) but men united in a just cause project power to be reckoned with, power to be feared. And that’s what we want. And that’s why this has to be a guys only mission. The Gestapo types don’t fear women; so you have to leave your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter and grandmother home. No offense ment to the ladies but this is not your time or place. Stay out of the way and pray for your country.

    Men, do not take any booze, drugs, guns, knives, brass knuckles, baseball bats or tasers or four letter word placards to this gathering. Nothing that gives up the moral high ground to the propagandists. And don’t take a camera; anybody with a camera should be a cop or media type looking for fame. Don’t give it to them; turn away from the camera. Stay silent, let them imagine the worst; at a later date we’ll confirm it for them should they provoke a brawl. We’re not looking for a fight. Nobody in this group wants their picture taken and for obvious reasons. The sole purpose of this is to see if we have friends enough to respond to a call to arms. Think Concord and Lexington. Just use your best judgment in dealing with cockroaches that think they have the legal high ground. Never give up your right to self defense if push turns into shove, turns into the unbearable. If trouble starts everybody should get out their cell phones and start recording the provocateurs conduct. That is after you put your battery back in the cell phone. You do have your battery out of your cell phone for this occasion don’t you? Sometimes security has to be leveraged for immediate safety.

    Once you have a good head count guess send it to me at tsadams46@comcast.net. Send the approximate number and the name of the gathering site. The duplications will just have to be sorted out and tallied.

    You have four things to do: 1) tell your friends there is going to be a gathering at the court house 2) take some friends with you 3) get an approximate guess head count 4) e-mail it in.

    It would be good to know if any intend to participate in this. Use the same e-mail address. Just send the word: GOING and the number that will go. I’ll post the response if there is any. So we’ll know what to expect.

    Send it here: tsadams46@comcast.net

  9. Tim Adams says:

    “On Sunday, August the 10th 2014 every brave-heart, that will; should go to their county court house and mill around between the hours of 3pm and 4pm and do nothing and say nothing (dead quiet) for that one hour then go home”. Might be a bad idea simply because too many men would consider it too much unnecessary exposure. I’m really glad the guys and gals that went to the Bundy ranch invitational didn’t worry about it.

    Here’s another idea liken to the first but safer and more discrete.

    Same date, time and mission but do it at the biggest mall in your county. Lets see how many go shopping.

  10. Gabriel says:

    I liked your analysis of the DUI propaganda campaigns with checkpoints. It helps one in discerning each of the elements.

    I just wanted clarify the nature of the real threat within the United States. Although, I agree with many of your concerns regarding the Federal and other Governmental Power Structures they are not the enemy!

    What is occurring is a Communist Insurgency, with the primary players being predominately Cuban Communist’s. They are mostly civilians operating as a single group on shared communications with targeted individuals being tracked through cellular, wifi, bluetooth and satellite tracking.

    They engage in all of the usual KGB type psychological and physical tricks.

    Spoofing their tracking system seems to be possible by turning “Airplane” mode on and off, then wifi on and off, then bluetooth discoverability on and off – assuming you have a smart phone.

    Using multiple makes, models and colors of vehicles messes them up completely – if they are in fact satellite tracking you.

    If they view you as a threat, these Cuban Communist “American lookalikes” may be tracking you.

    Thank You,


  11. Dog Soldier says:

    I must saying the information being shared by this magazine is awesome. I have been able to upgrade my way of thinking. I have become more aware of my environment and the people around me. keep sharing the knowledge.

  12. anonymous says:

    Are you aware of Reverend Rick Joyner’s vision of a border war?



    Even if you don’t believe in prophecy, it’s chillingly plausible. It’s about what I would predict based on common sense.

  13. anonymous says:

    more complete Rick Joyner video

    Also Chuck Youngbrandt speaks of attacks in US soil –

    Oct 13 excerpt:

    Aug 13 excerpt
    I know by the Spirit of God that they [ISIS] WILL target our schools and attack busy malls to cause the greatest loss of life and to spread terror and fear across the nation.

  14. AK vs AR
    My appreciation for the AK was confirmed when I was in Mogadishu setting up training for the weapons we had “sold” the Somalis in ’82. We had to have black on white layout sheets for the M16s. Lots of small pieces to be lost in the sand and elsewhere. In addition, the Somali soldier’s technical expertise allowed him to determine the north end of the camel from the south end. The AK came apart in 3 big chunks. Easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble. The AR is a finely machined weapon that will malfunction with dust, dirt and mud. No wonder the AK is the choice of most of the world.
    frank, navy advisor RVN, 5th, 7th, 10th and Tng SF groups

  15. unreconstructedgordo says:

    Yes BUT: as the Blessed Colonel told me in the late 70s ; “there are guns for the classes and guns for the masses”. While the Col. was no fan of the AR system, as I wasn’t from my first use under fire in 1969 on, it has become indeed the “gun of the classes” properly done. All around I have come to believe these last 10 years or so that it is the deadliest carbine on the planet, all around. Look to the field competitions and look to the general war use results. 77 grain ammo works well in an ACOG equipted GOOD AR type system to 500 yards , about twice the effective range on an AK. Operators have told me the modern tactic is to keep the enemy at least 200 yards away to increase your chances of not being hit by the enemy.But in close under a surprise the AR short carbine once again shines as the winner, unless luck is against you….

  16. “as the Blessed Colonel told me”
    who blessed him? Why the politically correct chain of command, that’s who.
    As I recall from an edition of The Resister: The Journal of the Special Forces Underground, a colonel was overheard by an NCO to the effect that the A teams were expendable. You really ought to get all the old copies. Really neat to read the NCOs snitching on the officers. Having been both enlisted and an officer in SF, I am painfully aware that maybe only 15% of so-called SF officers have the ability to think unconventionally. Some of my buddies were on the O committee of SF school. One told me their motto was, “We fail to meet even our own low standards.” There were horror stories of officers who desperately needed to be sent back to the conventional forces being graduated and inflicted on A teams.
    Well, there ya go.
    You believe an officer and I believe the NCOs who gotta live with a weapon that is substandard in the mud, sand, dirt and slime of the AO.
    Don’t have the money for an M1A so I got me a Mosin Nagant for distances.
    but, well maintained and clean, an M16 will function.

    Gott mit uns,
    frank, Captain,retired

    P.S. Steve Barry, the editor and publisher, lives up in the Virginia hills.
    He may have some old copies left.
    If you like I will ask him if you may contact him.
    He likes his new low profile.

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      Hey Frank – Oddly enough, we’re going to start republishing some of the more relevant TR articles over at FO. We’ll be proud to not only be a piece of history, but also to share the wisdom and knowledge that TR brought to the community.

  17. unreconstructedgordo says:

    That was Colonel Cooper, Sir. For all his human faults he codified , at least, the modern technique for firearm use, especially pistols. I was a mere NCO LRRP in my first tour of RVN, I did interesting things with MACHV the second tour but never was SF or anything other than a 97B that also did 98 G in choppers and Fixed wing for the extra $ above jump pay and p3 E6 pay. When I got out from active duty I remained in Reserves until 86 and rose to WO2 along the way. I tried DEA in 72-73 but did not like Newark NJ and overseas assignment was not happening then :( So my firearms training was bought since 1979 and I trained with the best since I think, the last couple decades with Louis Awerbuck RIP and Scott Reitz at ITTS . I am getting old now at 68 and have passed the torch to my sons. Anyway if you think I worship authority you are dead wrong. Military, Law Enforcement, academic , corporate and above all governmental authority have all let me down and stabbed me in the back (the Army the least) to the point I have become a 1%er biker in my old age; my bros don’t let me down.
    Just saying although I have the trickest preban Hungarian AKs you ever saw, and have extensive experience using them, the AR systems have left them in the dust the last 15 years or so for a trained operator. This of course is my experience and what I see going on among those that train and compete with the system. MY opinion so take it as that, cheers :)

  18. well. that’s a colonel of a different stripe.
    One that I respect also.
    but, for the mud, sand and dirt, I want a weapon that will fire when needed.
    for a trained operator, your choice is valid.
    happy maintenance.
    I happened to be at the SF tng. facility near Bragg when SF got caught up in political correctness.
    It was “too white” . So they lowered the GCT requirement to 100 from 110 and made the swim test non graded. then they discover that they didn’t have enough colored officers, next, not enough Hispanics, next, not enough Hispanic officers and they were taking people right off the street.
    Before, they were getting only NCOs from 82nd, already a hitch under their belt and trained in infantry tactics.
    that was back in 90/91.
    I decided to get out then.
    but, I did get busted from O3 to E5, my 3d time as an E5.
    Did 3 years as 12th Panzer Div LNO from 3d ID. For an engineer officer to have a non-engineer job (2 SF and 1 FAO) was the kiss of death. But, I was 10 yr prior service when I graduated from OCS so I wasn’t buckin’ for general anyway. My german friends could not comprehend that I was an officer in the reserves and enlisted on active duty. In the German mind that did not compute.

    • J Davenport says:

      I get tickled listening (reading) the older vietnam era SF guys talk about the failures of the M16 as well as troubles at SF training group from many years past. I’ll leave the latter topic for another day. To the former, I recently retired (medically) from 7th SFG(A) after 9 combat rotations and due to losing a leg at the knee to an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan and never had an issue with the gas impingement system M4 that I was issued. The weapon system, itself has been killing islamic terrorists with great success all over the world since 2001 with little issue. During my last two rotations I was carrying a 16″ Noveske upper receiver on my issued M4 lower that repeatedly fired 1/4 MOA groups with 77 gr Sierra Match King ammo. In fact, I was carrying it when I was blown up and it still holds zero and fires fine.

      Does the M4 have to be cleaned? Absolutely; but so does a soldier’s feet if one expects his body to continue to function. A former Marine, Pat Rogers (a big name in the tactical training world) fired more than 16,000 rounds from a Bravo Company Machine EAG gas impingement M4 style carbine and the only cleaning he performed on it was wiping down the bolt.

      It isn’t the weapon that is the issue.

  19. unreconstructedgordo says:

    well that is clarified. As us bikers say; Much love, honor and respect. Merry Christmas !

  20. unreconstructedgordo says:

    Problem is I have two active and well placed friends in alphabet agencies that have warned me, the lady friend specifically about this and another site which she SAW I was engaged on, are flagged to HS. Now I am too old to care anymore but…..
    If I write about CI it would not please HS from the slant I would take… :)

    • Samuel Culper III says:

      The time to care is long over. They’re making their beds and they’re eventually going to have to lay in them.

  21. Erin Collins says:

    Hey there, my name is Erin Collins and I am a reporter up in Alberta Canada. I am very interested in learning more about the redoubt movement that appears to be picking up steam just South of our border. Very interesting movement to a lot of folks in the Canadian Rockies. Any chance we can have a chat over the phone about prepping and the growing number of Americans looking to be more self sufficient? Let me know. E

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