Here’s a list of our draft Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) that we’ll begin covering in our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) cell.  Our work will be available to Forward Observer subscribers when we roll out our new website next month.  If you’re a subscriber or would like to subscribe to view our Intelligence work, please let us know what other Intelligence Requirements you’d like for us to consider.

Four quick caveats: One, I’m not getting into conspiratorial or overtly violent stuff.  Two, our focus is to provide Intelligence to Patriot-Preppers, our subscribers, for SHTF purposes; not for any other reason.  Three, YOU need to have your own list of local/tactical PIR for your home and community.  We’ll focus on the global/national/regional stuff but we need you to focus on your own local areas.  And Four, these are PIR, which need supporting Intelligence Requirements, which aren’t publicly available.


PIR G1: What is the status of Russian global force projection?

PIR G2: What is the status of Chinese global force projection?

PIR G3: What other nations are capable of threatening the US?

PIR G4: Identify and rank the top five Geopolitical threats.



PIR D1: Identify the Early Warning Indicators (EWI) of a potential collapse scenario.

PIR D2: Identify and rank the top ten most likely threat scenarios.



PIR R1: What are the potential threats to the American Redoubt?

PIR R2: What are the potential threats to the Appalachian Redoubt?

PIR R3: Which states or regions are most likely to secede?


  1. ts adams says:

    In watching this http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1c6_1430697152 video it’s the first time in my life I’ve been afraid of a machine. Our challenge is a thousand times greater than that of our founding Fathers.

    In 15/20 years it will be too late to stop them.

    O done
    O done
    D pending
    A pending

    Sam, I would like to talk occasionally. Do you really trust PGP/TOR?

  2. Aaron says:

    I’m sure you watch this site but for those who have not, zerohedge.com has some fantastic work on indicators for PIR D1. Really looking forward to the next EX-SUM article.

  3. Daeng says:

    It is my opinion that we are in the benngiing stages right now. I know I will get shot down verbally for this, but when Obama takes office and implements his plans, that is when SHTF. I am not sure what to do to prepare except to shop extra food and brace myself for the worst. I intend to stock up on hunting supplies as well. When as you say SHTF I don’t intend to starve. I am and always have been a law abiding citizen but if it comes right down to it, I will hunt for food before my kids go hungry!!

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