Whiplash 2021 / Civil War 2024?

I see a lot of folks proclaiming that President Trump will be reelected after these lawsuits and investigations finish up. I’ll believe it when I see it.

A number of reasons lead me to doubt that scenario, but a last minute Hail Mary victory for Trump would be very on-brand for 2020.

Pending the unlikely, the country’s low intensity conflict is due for a role reversal.

We’re about to see an incredible amount of whiplash as the Left and Right switch sides of the playing field, and the Right becomes the political and proto-insurgents.

Warning indicators of insurgency are pretty simple:

  1. A social base becomes politicized.
  2. A politicized social base has organizers who are preparing for insurgency (Phase 1 activity)
  3. A politicized social base whose organizers are preparing for insurgency while rank and file participants are conducting tactical training, acquiring weaponry, and building institutions dedicated to insurgency (also Phase 1 activity)

None of these activities actually stopped over the past four years.

There was a drop off in some activities due to a decreased sense of urgency and “Our Guy” syndrome, but it’s all about to return at much higher levels.

A Biden administration will be — best case scenario — Obama’s third term, and Harris (+) represents the next generation of Far Left presidencies.

In other words, there’s no moderation, unity, or healing from here.

The sentiment that drove proto-insurgent activity among the right wing during the Obama administrations — the one that actually didn’t stop — is going to come roaring right back.

Civil war 2024?

Author: Sam Culper
Former Intelligence NCO and intel contractor. OEF & OIF veteran. Bama alum. Marshall Tucker nationalism. Austin, Republic of Texas. @culper_intel on most social media platforms.

8 thoughts on “Whiplash 2021 / Civil War 2024?

  1. I don’t see a right insurgence. No financial support. No national infrastructure. No unifying groups like the left. BLM and others received billions of dollars along with the backing of corporate and big tech businesses. How will there be a unifying message when big tech shuts down communications and online presence? There won’t be any momentum built unless there is a major challenge to the system (eliminate electoral college, stack the Supreme Court or/and add states). Even then, it will take some national or stage leaders to organize or inspire resistance. I am not holding my breath.

  2. Methinks your pipe dream of a ‘right’-thinking insurgency is as unlikely as it is far-fetched: we’re talking here about rank and file GOP ‘normies’. The go-along get-along set that is content with being the silent majority, We all saw what the Left accomplished as the politicized base – before Trump was even inaugurated, they took to the streets, and stayed there, and got louder, and got more violent with every step of their insurgency. Sure, the Right decried their actions, but nothing was actually done about it. You actually think the ‘silent majority’ can field an army of pissed-off miscreants to hang in the streets for a week, no less 6 months, like Portland?
    “Come on, man, we have jobs. And families. And mortgages. Demonstrations and rioting are what the Commies do…we vote – and don’t cheat – and that’s how we’ll fix it. Next time.” And when someone does come along with balls, bluster, and desire enuf to try to right the ship, what happens? The deep-state GOP says “Eeeew, he’s rude; he’s a bully, he has a tanning bed, and he’s gonna upset my government income stream” and they quietly aid and abet the Left, and hope for a resurgent RINO Jeb! or Mario in the next go around.
    Nah, the GOP has no experience with, no organization for, and no desire to accomplish your Steps 2 and 3. Except for a handful of Kyle Rittenhouses, who will step up, alone and unsupported, then spend the rest of their lives in a Federal penitentiary, alone and unsupported, while the majority go to work and complain among each other about how this is no longer our fathers’ Oldsmobile.

    Prove me wrong.

    1. Great comment rebuttal I couldn’t stop reading it. Totally agree but it’s worth noting the people that live in flyover country do have the skills if consolidated this thing could be over pretty quick.

  3. 11/19/20 Giuliani came out today and lamb basted the press for not covering the election scandal. He stated they have more than enough affidavits to expose this fraudulent election. I view him as a credible source of information.

    Of course the White House is going to have to get this information in front of the right judges. Right now the Deep State is doing its best to block any progress bringing these criminals to justice. The President has outwitted these scumbags for the last four years .
    As he stated “don’t bet against me”

    Granted it’s a Herculean task ,but if anyone’s up to it it’s this man.

  4. I give it less than six months after Buy-Dem & Hair-Ass are immaculated as the point at which blood will run in the streets. I do not think we will last as a civil spciety” until 2024.

    I do not see the coming dust-up as a binary contest, I think it will be BLM/Antifa/Maoists vs TPTB vs Conservatives vs narco-terrorists vs Moslems in so far as cities go. Rural areas will be starved of food and fuel by the guvey-mint goons who will focus all their efforts at quelling the populace in the hives. Expect nationalization of major farms and food processing facilities as well as distribution systems. Achieve Venezuela duplicated in half the time! (At least we will then be No. 1 in something…..).

  5. Good analysis, all. But, has been said elsewhere, good guys don’t start gunfights! So unless a trigger event occurs, the good guys are doomed. We the people need hunting teams, ferreting out, and identifying the financial backers, the planners, and trainers of the communist left. We need to publish all the info. An alert, educated, aware, citizenry will sensitize the trip wires to action. We also can not accept the communist lefts basic tactical plan of rape, pillage, plunder, give up, say they are sorry, have our corrupt legal system cover for them, and they become gimme free stuff wards of the state, allowing a rebuild of their offensive capability. They need a one way trip on a C-130, back to their sibmerged cities of yore.

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